Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Watch That Attitude, Mommy!

Just a few minutes ago, my four year old corrected my bad attitude. I don't think he meant it quite as a rebuke but more of a statement of wisdom (yeah... my wacky four year old son displaying wisdom...). It struck me deeply, in a way that can only be from God so I thought I'd pass it along.

I have 6 people that I do laundry for. The piles build up quickly. My 4 month old spits up, my 2 year old spills everything on herself, my husband has "hand wash" work clothes, I wear gym clothes and then regular clothes every day...The mountains rise up almost over night. I feel like I'm constantly sorting and washing and folding and hanging and drying and blah blah blah. This morning, not so under my breath, I made a comment about how sick and tired of doing laundry I was. My four year old overheard me and responded, "Mom, at least we have lots of clothes to wear. Some people don't even have socks or underwear." That shut me up real quick.

A friend recently came to me, down and self critical. I told my friend that I believe that attitude is a choice. That we control our actions and reactions. I said that {I believe} a good way to promote more positive thinking and less negativity in our own minds is to practice thankfulness or {gonna sound cheesy here} an attitude of gratitude. I can't believe that a) I'm a total hypocrite and b) it took God correcting me through my 4 year old son to show me that. 

I'm whining. Like a Hebrew in the desert who was miraculously freed from oppressive slavery by a more than impressive God. I'm whining about laundry. Of all the silly things to complain about. At least we have more than enough to wear. At least I have a fully functioning washer and drier. At least I'm blessed to be a Stay At Home Mom and can start the laundry in the morning instead of having to tackle it at night after a long day of work. I am blessed. 

One of the biggest stumbling blocks Satan throws at us, which is ironically one that we don't even see most of the time, is taking our blessings for granted. It's so so easy to do. Such an easy trap to fall into. And it results in pride and a list of other sins. I do it way more often than I'd like to admit. It's shameful and when I think about it, downright disrespectful to God. Who am I to not thank and praise Him for the abundance of warm clothing He has provided my family with?!?

I am grateful that God is working in the heart of my little boy. I am thankful that God does not hesitate to bring me to my knees with a couple sentences of truth from my son. I am thankful for the clothes spinning in the nice washing machine upstairs. 

Watch your attitude through the day. Your children are listening. Your coworkers are observing. Your spouse is feeling it. Are you thankful? Or ungrateful? Are you even paying attention to your own actions and reactions? Choose your attitude consciously and wisely. 

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