Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

It's been a long week. Yes, I know I'm not even halfway through Wednesday yet but it's still been a long week. Thanks to some icky germs making us all ill (there's 6 of us) and Christmas just two weeks away, I'm worn out. It's funny though that it takes getting sick and being forced to take a chill pill in order to rest for a few days. Although I hate seeing my poor babies miserable and I don't exactly enjoy being sick, I'm thankful that I got knocked down so I HAD to sit for a moment. 

I've been reading a lot of other blog posts about "not stressing during the holidays" and "don't worry about decorating, it's not worth the annoyance" and most of it irked me. It's Christmas time. Decorate your tree. Hang your stockings. Rock that ugly holiday sweater. And keep moving. This happens every year so don't act surprised that there's a ton to do, way more places to be and more cookies than you can stomach. It is what it is. Make those memories! 

But then we all got sick. And it took me having to hold back my oldest daughter's hair while she threw up to realize that I hadn't had much physical contact with her recently. Or any of the kids except the baby. That bummed me out. It shouldn't be like that. I shouldn't be that kind of mom.

Today, everyone is better but I chose to stay home and not go out at all for just one more day because this rest has been so therapeutic. I think it's been as good for the kids as for me. We've gotten to do some crafts, so watch some Christmas movies together, build a tent for "picnics". And I got to hold my kids. Like hold them hold them. It felt great to snuggle a little.

I'm a pretty big advocate for making special occasions as special as you can. I think my parents instilled that in me because they did such a great job at it. I feel like I'm slipping in one area though that they didn't and it's the part where we were all involved in the special occasion. I'm in this mode where I'm saying things like, "No, baby. I need it done right and fast so I'm just going to get it done myself" and ignoring the twinge of guilt I feel when my forlorn child goes back upstairs. Or "If you guys don't pipe down, I'm gonna have a talk with Santa!" Woo boy. So wrong. Kids are kids and especially around this time of year, are supposed to be constantly feeling joyous and excited. It's part of why we celebrate in the manner that we do. To help build up the excitement and wonder and anticipation. Not beat it down so we can concentrate on surfing the web for the next fun Christmas activity. 

I'd been trying to figure out what we're going to do this weekend concerning "making memories". There's tons of options where we are but I think that doing something close to home and then at home is what's best for all of us. Something that will keep us close all day and end with us all cuddling together in front of the tree. 

I encourage you, for the rest of the Christmas season, to focus on loving instead of doing. If we don't have love, we have nothing. Your "doing" and "giving" means nothing if you're having to tune out or turn away the ones you love and who love you just so you can get the cards mailed out or the gifts wrapped or the cookies delivered. Chances are, your loving will be acted out by doing but in a way that let's you "do" together. 

On that note, I have some coloring to do with some of my favorite people :)

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