Monday, September 3, 2012

Be Still by Lisa Chan: A Review and Giveaway

Irony rarely makes me smile but right now it does. My last post was about needing a vacation. I was frazzled and tired and quite honestly a little burnt out. I was relying on my own strength, as I so often foolishly do. Later that day, I sat down and watched a video I was asked to view and was so humbled but at the same time was given comfort and peace. God always provides what we need but sometimes (more often than not) we have to be still in His presence. Just be still.

Like every other mother I've ever met, the concept of "being still" is so foreign that we laugh it off and move on. Who has time to just sit and be quiet? Really. I have three kids, ages 4 and under. No one sits still. And if I try to, my three adorable nut cases take advantage of it. There is always something to be cleaned. Laundry to be folded and put away. Dogs to clean up after. Gardens to tend, children to feed (and then the cleaning of the mess that follows that), a husband to attend to, emails to answer, bills to file, work to be done. Always. It never stops. In Proverbs 31, it says that the wife's candle does not go out at night. She is always taking care of the people that depend on her and the tasks at hand. Where does God come in? Church on Sundays or Wednesday night? Even the process of going to church is time consuming. I get up at 5:40 to make sure I can shower and get dressed before every one else wakes up. Then its time to take out the dogs, make breakfast, get every one up and moving and more often than not, I've broken a sweat by the time we get in the car and head off. I'm drained and this video prompted me to consider something that deep down inside, I already knew.

I'm the reason why I'm drained. I'm the reason why I'm stressed. It's not because of God. He's there. If only I will sit and be still. Nothing else. He wants to fill me with peace and wonder and comfort and love. Most of us have heard the first part of Psalm 46: 10, "Be still and know that I am God..." This one statement is so deeply profound in meaning. However, while it IS so deep, it's so simple at the same time. If we take the time to just be still, to know who God is, to let Him show us... If we get out of our own way long enough to JUST BE STILL, He will show us who He is. And bless us richly in the process. It is something that I'm working on myself. That I will always have to work on.

In this video, Lisa Chan (wife of Francis Chan, pastor, speaker and much more), reminds us women of how important it is to sit at the feet of God and just BE STILL. I think one of the reasons why I loved this video was because Lisa herself is a busy woman. She has children to take care of. A husband who is very busy ministering to a vast number of people in all kinds of venues. Her own ministries she leads. She understands and knew the need for time alone with God. I also loved that there is another woman, Susan, who had a very different experience dealing with a divorce and the pain that accompanies that and her own need to be still and listen to God and how she was so fully blessed by doing so. God will take care of us if we come to Him.

Please take the time to watch the trailer for Lisa Chan's video, Be Still. I think this video is great for just one woman to sit and watch by herself or even in a Bible Study setting. After watching, follow the steps to enter to win a copy of the video for yourself. You will be very blessed by Lisa's words and the godly wisdom she shares.

Lisa Chan's True Beauty BE STILL Video

Here's how to enter to win a free copy of the video:

1) Leave a comment below and share your own experience with learning how to BE STILL in the presence of God or how you know that it's something you need to really begin seeking to do in your own life.

2) Share my facebook link on your own facebook page. Make sure you tag the blog's facebook page, A Wannabe Supermom, in your post so that I know you share this review.

3) Share the link on Twitter. Make sure you tag me (@MaxAbby) and @TrueBeautyFilms when you do so I know you shared it.

The more places you share, the more entries you have to win this awesome video. The chance to enter ends Septemeber 9th a midnight EST.

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  1. I always try to keep busy and it wasn't til recently having a broken toe that I've had to slow things down and have time to think. Its been great having more time in God's word and I have to make a pointed effort to not let it slip away again. Thanks for the opportunity Abby!


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