Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Back To School

Just throwing this out there, but I did NOT miss the beeping of the school buses turning around in my culdesac, waking up my kids at 6:30. Moving on...

It's that time again. I thought that the school buses refrequenting our street were just practicing for the school year and I guess they are but many schools in the Atlanta Metro area (ooopppsss... I just let it slip where I live... don't know that I've done that before...) have already started. That's insane to me. I feel bad for the kids. I mean, I liked school and all but having summer vacation end in July is just crazy anarchy. Well, I'm not serious about that part, but really, I'd be bummed.

My kids are 4, almost 3 and 1. Back to school? At those ages? Yup. But I'm takin a different approach. We had considered getting our oldest into a Head Start program but quite frankly, I'm not ready to let her go just yet. On top of having two other little ones that I'd have to cart back and forth with me a couple times a day to pick my oldest up from school... Just not the right thing for our family right now. So I'm home schooling. "Home School". I'm going to "teach" them at home. I'm laughing and shaking my head just thinking about it. It's not full on home schooling, like I'm not part of a program or reporting to any one but through the help of some fellow moms and the wonderful Internet, I've found some great resources and an easy to use curriculum.

My curriculum, from Hubbard's Cupboard, seems to be one that's pretty easy to follow. It's all planned out by age, including resources, book suggestions, printables... the whole works. On top of which is the added bonus that it's a Christian curriculum. I like that the kid's will be learning about God and the Bible while learning the other basic need to know stuff.

Some other sites that I found that have great printables and tips are:

I decided to treat this homeschooling project like it's real school so that the kids can get into it. I've designated a spot in the kitchen for our schedules, their weekly key points, Bible verses and charts. An area on my office will be sectioned off where we will be doing the actual school work and learning. We already bought them school supplies and later this week, I'll be hitting up The Dollar Tree in their "teacher" section to buy more posters and bulletin board supplies. The next few nights will consist of me rearranging my office (again) and preparing their lesson plans. I'm even scheduling in field trips that pertain to certain things in the curriculum. I have to be so serious with it or I'll never be serious about it. And I'm pretty sure that education, no matter what the age, is extremely important. I mean, I'm not Tiger Mom but still...

Since I am TOTALLY knew to all of this, I would appreciate any and all tips and advice any one can give me. Seriously. Any kind of teaching methods or organizational suggestions are more than welcome. I'm really bad at sticking to things and being organized but I realize how important this is, especially preparing my oldest for Kindergarten next year.

This Wannabe Supermom may end up kicking herself in a few weeks but for now, I'm tacklin another project in this adventure called "motherhood".

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  1. I had considered homeschooling more with my son than my daughter. I don't think it's in me to have home schooled but I've heard from those who have done it that you need to be diligent about the schoolwork so they don't fall behind. That's where I know I'd have trouble. It'd have been wayt too easy for me to have done art and baking projects every day rather than science and math. I think you'll do much, much better than I! Keep us posted!


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