Thursday, March 1, 2012

Teaching Them What Matters

Recently, I've tried to start "homeschooling" my children. I'm not talking full on HOMESCHOOLING, just trying to have a designated "school time" each day. I went to the Dollar Tree and found a section called "Teachers Corner" where they have all these teaching supplies... for just a dollar! My kinda shopping. I was able to get all kinds of workbooks for the kids, posters with colors and shapes and the alphabets, pencils, paper, flashcards... You name it, the Dollar Tree has it. And the kids love "school time". Each child has their own workbook. My daughter is working on her letters and numbers still while my son is still trying to work on his colors (I think he may be colorblind. No joke). We go over shapes and my parents got the kids a subscription to Kid's National Geographic for Christmas (awesome gift, by the way) and we learn about one animal per session.

I wanted to start teaching them more about the Bible though. I've known for a while that they need it. Their Sunday school and AWANA teachers are wonderful and I know they're teaching them. But it's not their job to teach my children about God and Christ and the Bible. It's my responsibility.

I realized recently how badly I needed to do this. On the way home from AWANAs the last two times, I've been talking to the kids about heaven. The first time, my daughter was disappointed that our bulldog, Chanel (who's a total sweetie but is REALLY stinky) will be in heaven (hey, I don't know for sure if she will but I wasn't about to tell the kid that our pets aren't going to heaven). After a few moments of quiet, she started laughing in the back seat and said, "I guess we can't take the cars. They can't fly up there!" Cracked me up. When we were talking about it last night on the way home, she told me that we get to heaven via airplane, " when we went to the beach." I asked her WHEN do we get to go to heaven? I was thinking something along the lines of "When God calls us home." Her response was, "Uhhhmmmm.... How about next summer, Mom?" Well, I wont complain but it was an odd response.

I'm not really good at coming up with "lesson plans" all on my own. I'm not gifted that way and having tried to do so as a mom, I have SO much more respect for teachers who actually have to come up with this stuff constantly. I did a little research though and found two websites that I have found REALLY helpful and thought I'd share the links with you. If you're looking to teach your children about the Bible more at home, these sites provide craft ideas, lesson plans, coloring pages, work sheets, various printables and all kinds of great teaching assistants.

The first I found (and really really like) is

Bible Story Printables

The second, which I also found extremely helpful was

Ministry To Children

I'm sure that there are plenty of wonderful websites out there that are helpful for teaching your kids about the Bible but I just really liked these and thought I'd share them. I've been finding a lot of great teaching ideas from Pinterest (as if I needed another social media addiction). I hope that you all see the serious need to teach your children about God and the Love He has so graciously shared with us. These sites will help you teach your kids about the Bible and the best Father they could ever have.


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  1. Great information here... thought I'd share a tip that works for me (well, most of the time. Lol) when it comes to teaching my kiddos. Throughout the week, I jump out to a variety of websites with teaching/learning resources on them. I print off activities, worksheets, and crafts that I want to do with my girls. Then I store them in file folders in my desk drawer, by month. So when I want to sit down with them and do an Easter craft or worksheet, I just reach into the file folder for March and pull out several options already there to choose from. The kids enjoy it and it's less stress for me to come up with something at the last minute. :-)


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