Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Mommy Moments: "It's MY turn, Mommy!"

Our Library

I've said it before and this probably wont be the last time I say it: Getting to be a kid all over again is one of the wonderful highlights of being a mom.

Today, I had to return a book and pick up a reserved one at the library. I took my oldest daughter with me. I feel that she needs alone time with me and her dad every once in a while since she's not getting as much attention as the other two kids. It's not that we love her less, it's just that she's getting less and less dependent on us. And she's quite honestly less of a trouble maker than one of our other children... So I took her with me. Since she seems to like books just as much as I do, I figured this would be a perfect way to spend some time together.

We read one book. Just one. As we closed that one book, she noticed that the computers in the kid's section were free and she asked if we could play a game. So we walked over and ended up finding a Go, Diego, Go (I say "found" but it was more like I had no idea what was going on on the screen and that's just what popped up). Then we played. Really, it was more like I got so into the game that she kept having to remind me that, "It's MY turn, Mommy!" I look back on it and laugh. She had to be so annoyed with me. I can't even remember what it was about. Saving elephants with a drum or something. But while she and I played together (I DID eventually relinquish the mouse and keyboard to her), we laughed and sang and talked. It was a blast. At least, I thought it was. She seemed to think so too.

As we were leaving, we rented a Clifford movie... No more renting movies for the kids from RedBox. They never finish them and we've wasted our buck. Thankfully, the library has a TON of movies to choose from. I'm still hesitant to let them check out books from the library just because my son gets overly excited and rips pages as he turns them. If I felt like buying a book, I wouldn't bother with the library. Until I know that he can control his excitement, the books stay safely on their shelves. Anyway... Getting to spend some one on one time, having fun playing games and goofing off (quietly) with my oldest was a wonderful way to spend the afternoon.

We also painted and made some St Patty's Day decorations today, which I also had a blast doing. Somehow, I ended up being messier than the kids did. I love getting to be a kid again with my children. I almost think it's more fun being able to experience childhood this way. Getting to see your own children smile and laugh and be filled with innocent joy. No worries, no stress. Just pure, simple joy.

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  1. Exactly! I too get to relive my childhood when I'm with my daughter :). That's the secret to looking young, I guess :)

    Going to the library with your daughter is the perfect non-mall bonding activity, I must say :)


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