Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Mommy Moments

I came across this poem today and thought it was appropriate for how I've been feeling about my own children recently. As a mother, I'm constantly fighting battles. Battles with myself, battles of will with my children, battles against what danger the world is and will attack my children with. Sometimes silent, sometimes boistrously, I war with opposition to protect and build up my babies. I think that sometimes, the strength a mother has to employ while raising children is underestimated or even ignored. Only by the grace of God do I survive...


    The bravest battle that ever was fought! Shall I tell you where and when? On the maps of the world you will find it not; 'Twas fought by the mothers of men.    
    Nay not with the cannon of battle-shot, With a sword or noble pen; Nay, not with eloquent words or thought From mouth of wonderful men!    
    But deep in a walled-up woman's heart - Of a woman that would not yield, But bravely, silently bore her part - Lo, there is the battlefield!    
     No marshalling troops, no bivouac song, No banner to gleam and wave; But oh! those battles, they last so long - From babyhood to the grave.    
    Yet, faithful still as a bridge of stars, She fights in her walled-up town - Fights on and on in her endless wars, Then silent, unseen, goes down.    
     Oh, ye with banners and battle-shot, And soldiers to shout and paise! I tell you the kingliest victories fought Were fought in those silent ways.    
    O spotless woman in a world of shame, With splendid and silent scorn, Go back to God as white as you came - The Kingliest warrior born!
    - Joaquin Miller (1839-1913)
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  1. Yes, we moms face many battles as we try to raise our kids. Going at it alone is even harder, I must say. But, as you say, with the grace of God, we survive... we emerge with our heads held high...

    There is no stronger person in the world than a mom...


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