Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Mommy Moments: Messy Joy

Some days are harder than others. Today was an especially tough day for me. It didn't go as I'd hoped it would. It was full of frustration and disappointment. I honestly wish that today had never happened.

However... Here I am, once again, fighting the fight to be a Supermom.

Because I help "co-host" the Monday Mommy Moments blog hop over at VoiceBoks, I felt obligated to write something even though I wasn't in the mood to write. Or more like my mood was preventing me from coming up with anything creative. I sat and sat trying to come up with a "BEST mommy moment" to share. As I sat, I looked around me and stared at the house my husband had managed to clean while taking care of the kids by himself. Something I am not able to do, most of the time. Somehow, while thinking about what a good job he'd done and in turn, what a terrible job I usually do, it got me thinking about chores. Which led me to a memory. A memory that made me smile and lifted my spirits a little. I thought I'd share it with any one that takes the time to read this.

Sometimes, in the hustle and bustle to get the chores done, feed the kids, let the dogs out and not burn dinner so badly that it's inedible (hey, come on, a little bit burnt means it's still salvageable and therefore, edible), that we (I) forget to slow down and smile and have fun. I forget that I'm a mom and that I have children that need to know how much I absolutely adore and love them. Sometimes though, they remind me in a way that only makes me love them more...

I remember one evening a few months ago, when I was washing dishes, I'd put way too much dish soap in the sink. As the sink filled with water, the soapy bubbles formed a huge mound that kept growing and growing. I had no idea how much water was actually in the sink until I stuck my arm (yeah, my arm, not my hand... it was up above my shoulder). My children noticed the climbing tower of bubbles and began to squeal with excitement. I guess I should explain that my 2 year old son LOVES bubbles. It was seriously one of his first words. Blow some bubbles around that kid and he starts squeaking and laughing and running around with complete, absurd joy. His enjoyment is contagious. My 3 year old daughter also started laughing and pointing.

I had to move the pile of bubbles off the water in order to be able to even stand at the sink (please don't ask how in the world I ended up putting that much soap in... I must have been REALLY out of it that night). Instead of moving the bubbles to the other sink where they'd eventually just get washed down the drain, I got an idea. I decided to do to my children the exact same thing my parents (my dad especially) used to do to me when I was a kid. I flung the bubbles at them. Put some on their faces, their hair, up their shirts... I even had them hold out their hands, scooped a pile of bubbles onto their open palms and urged them to attack their grinning sibling. There were bubbles every where. The floor was wet, the kids were soaked and the cabinets got those weird dry bubble "stains" on them. The laughter that filled the kitchen though was priceless and totally worth all the extra cleanup.

Sometimes, as parents, as mothers, we have to remember that part of making sure that our kids grow up to be good, happy, well rounded adults is to make sure that they're happy as children. I'm not talking about giving in to everything they want. I'm just talking about things like impromptu bubble wars. It's a messy kinda joy, sure, but it's so healthy. Laughter is good medicine. It's good for your soul. It's good for your kid's soul. What kind of home is a home if there's no joy?

Memories like these are sometimes what helps me make it through days like today. I don't have bad days like this very often but they stink. Having all those great days with the kids help keep me grounded on these rougher days. Having any kind of day with my kids brings me joy... no matter how messy that joy is.

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