Friday, February 24, 2012

"I'll Just Pour Some Salt On It..."

I love my children. I really do. One of the things that I love about them, which sometimes makes me want to pull my hair out, is that they're not boring. They keep me on my toes and wide awake.

On Wednesday night, I took the older two kids to AWANA's. I was in AWANA's as a kid and I love that my kids are too. I also love that it's grown since I was a member. They're now have a 2 year old program (and I really have no idea how 'new' it is but it's new to me so...) called Puggles. My son gets a kick out of it. My daughter is in Cubbies and she proudly wears her vest and says her Bible verses every Wednesday. This week went a little differently than normal though...

While the kids are downstairs in their groups, I'm upstairs attending the Wednesday night service. This particular week's message was moving and brought me to tears more than once. Crying that late at night makes me even sleepier. So needless to say, my mind was preoccupied and unprepared for the "event" of picking up the kids.

As I approached my son's room to pick him up, I could see him running around laughing. Because the door is a "half" door, I only saw the top half of him. As I walked up to the door and looked down, I see that he's running around in nothing but his t shirt and diaper and sneakers. No pants. The kid's got some pretty skinny little legs. It makes me laugh picturing him even now. When I looked at him and he ran to me and the teacher let him out, I asked, "Um... his pants?" The man turns to his wife and says, "Hey. What's the story with the kid's pants?" The wife explained that his diaper had leaked pretty bad... hence the chicken legs showing. No biggie. It was pretty warm out that night and my kid is impervious to most elements anyway.

Then, we went next door to pick up my daughter. The teacher at the door asked who I was picking up and when I gave my daughter's name, she just opened the door. Being tired and out of it, it took me a few moments to realize that there was no child exiting the room. When I looked in and didn't see my daughter, I looked up at the teachers. As I did, I realized that they were all staring at me, silently beckoning me in with their hands. It was almost odd. Then, one of them gently took my arm and led me to the bathroom at the back of the class. She said, "We had a little accident." My mind immediately thought, "Both my kids peed their pants? That's weird!" But as I looked into the bathroom, I realized I was wrong. Actually, that too was weird. It took me a moment to realize that anything had happened at all. I saw my daughter standing there licking a lollipop like it was her job. Then I saw the blood on her pants. One of the teachers explained that the kids were all running and my daughter smacked heads with another child and got a bloody nose that seemed to bleed and bleed and bleed. I think my response surprised them a little.

They apologized and said that it was their fault. While I appreciate the apology, I don't see how it's their fault. I'm pretty sure it's mine. She's a klutz and she got that gene from me. Also, kids get bloody noses all the time. I can't tell you how many bloody noses I got as a kid. I ran into stuff. I fell asleep in time out one time, standing in the corner, and fell into the wall face first. Smashed my nose and it bled. I caught a basketball with my face one time. And it bled. No big deal.

I asked my daughter if she was ok. She stopped licking the lollipop long enough to say, "Yeah, Mom." The teacher explained that her vest and coat were soaked because she'd tried washing all the blood out. I said, "No problem. I'll just pour some salt on it." All the teachers stopped and looked at me funny. Hey, like I said. I got a ton of bloody noses as a kid. I learned from one of my own teachers, who cleaned me up more than once, that salt gets blood out of clothes. Seriously. Just wet the blood, pour some salt on it, scrub it for a sec and then rinse. You'll never know anything happened.

Leave it to my kids though, to keep things interesting. Walking out of the building, we had to look funny. I had one kid with a shirt and full coat on and skinny little chicken legs sticking out. My other child had blood down the front of her, which she seemed oblivious to because she was so focused on her candy. I was trying to juggle the half naked kid and all the bags and wet clothing.

No biggie.

For all of you who have kids and didn't know how to get blood out of clothes (it'll happen... if it hasn't already...), just pour some salt on it.

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  1. Lol! My six year old is a klutz too. Thanks for the tip about the salt. I never knew that. Does it matter what kind of salt? Kosher perhaps? Lol! :-)



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