Monday, January 16, 2012

Mommy Moments

Every Monday, I'll be sharing "mommy moments". This could mean any number of things and each Monday could be completely different from the one before.

Today, I will be sharing a little something that has been on my heart lately. I don't know about any one else out there but I, every once in a while, have a hard time with wondering where along the journey of becoming a mom, did I loose myself. Where did I leave myself behind to become "Mommy"? It's taken me a while to come to the realization that THIS is who I am now. However, I'm still an individual. Just because I am now Mom to every one in this house doesn't mean that I have lost the woman that I was before my rugrats came along. I used to write and read and work and go out with friends. I dyed my hair every other week and wore six inch heels. I used to draw and create with my chalks and oils. Now, I fold clothes and wash dishes, kiss boo boos and clean up poop of all kinds.

Not too long ago, I thought I was going to have a total meltdown right in the middle of putting groceries away. I had food in the car that needed to come in. I had dogs that needed to be let out. I had kids who needed to be changed and were fighting with each other and crying and throwing things. I wanted to run and hide. Had I not had groceries that were threatening to go bad if I didn't put them away quickly, I probably would have locked myself in the bathroom and cried. It was hard for me to not be totally overwhelmed with the feeling of being needed by every one all the time and never having time to even think about my own dreams and goals. I was going crazy. Don't get me wrong. I adore my family. I wouldn't trade any of the tough moments for anything else in the whole universe. I am thankful that I get to be home all day every day with my children. Really. I recognize this as an incredible blessing. However, I am a person too. I have things that I still want to do with my life, in addition to raising my children and growing old and happier with my husband.

I thought I'd ask other moms, friends and family, what they do as mothers to help hold on to their sense of "self". To maintain an individuality as women. To relax or enjoy something outside of the realm of "mommy hood". I got some really interesting answers. Some similar, some very unique. Here is a list of some of their answers:

-bubble baths
-going back to school to earn a degree (and a paycheck)
-joining a gym or a work out class
-starting their own business
-redecorating the house semi regularly
-arts and crafts
-writing children's stories
-wood working
-riding motorcycles
-regular "girls' nights" with a group of friends
-music lessons
-trips to the salon

I was impressed with the stories that some of the women shared. Impressed and not so alone. Some of the women that answered very obviously understood what I was going through and it made me feel good to know that I wasn't the only woman who dealt with feeling "lost" in her role of Mom. I think that every woman needs something that can restore her sanity, help her feel like she's more than just a robot or the house maid. I think that when a woman is allowed to be a woman, and not just MOMMY!!!, she is more confident, happier and healthier, all helping her to be an even better mother.

I would love to hear what you do to hold onto who you are as an individual while doing the most important thing you'll ever do with your life, being a mom.

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