Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Let Them Eat Toothpaste!

My kids, like many children, do some pretty strange things. Just a few days ago, I found my 2 year old son sitting in the corner sucking on his bottle of Spiderman toothpaste. I mentioned this on my facebook wall and some one responded that I shouldn't let him eat toothpaste. This kinda ruffled my feathers a little bit. I may not always think things through or certain things just don't occur to me until AFTER they happen (like my kid drinking from his toothpaste bottle) so for some one to tell me that I shouldn't "let" him do something made me a little defensive.

I didn't LET my child eat toothpaste. As soon as I found him sitting there (laughing a little on the inside because it was such a funny sight), I took it away from him and put it out of his reach. This isn't the first weird thing that one of my kids has done that I "let" them do.

My daughter is a budding artist. I can tell you this because I spent HOURS scrubbing crayon off the walls upstairs. I scrubbed so hard that I scrubbed the paint right off my walls. I will NEVER buy non washable crayons again. I was told that I shouldn't "let" her have crayons upstairs. I have never allowed her to take crayons upstairs. However, kids are pretty stinking sneaky. I used to bring my uneaten sandwiches home from school and I would hide them in a desk drawer in my bedroom. I didn't feel like getting yelled at for it. Stupid me. I REALLY got yelled at for it when my parents eventually found them... MONTHS later. Some could say to my parents, "You shouldn't have let her take her lunch box into her bedroom." Um, I'm pretty sure my parents didn't know. It wasn't something that they'd thought was an issue.

My son is going through what I'm praying is a phase where he tells me "NO" and "DON'T" on a regular basis. Some have told me that I shouldn't "let" him do that. I've gotta tell you. I can't express how much this bugs me. I don't let him say it to me. He just says it. And he gets punished. I've tried different punishment tactics. But I don't "LET" him. Some parents do. They completely allow the disrespect. I don't.

I didn't LET the baby eat a cookie yesterday. One of the older children took it into the living room (something else I don't LET them do) and left it on the floor. The baby, who is full force crawling now, got to the cookie before I realized what happened and lets just say that I was cleaning up soggy cookie off the floor and out of her mouth.

I don't LET my daughter jump on our couches. In fact, she gets in trouble EVERY time she does but for some reason, it doesn't stop her from doing it over and over. I don't let my son throw die cast cars off the balcony, or let me kids eat food off the floor or lay in the dirty dog beds or pick their noses till they bleed. They just do it. And when they do, I respond in a manner that I see fit for the situation. But I'm not LETTING them do these things.

I LET my kids sit at the table and color all day long if they want. I let them mix the different play dough colors together because its nearly impossible for them to keep it all separate and it's fairly cheap to replace. I let my kids eat popcorn in the living room only when its a movie night. I let the baby crawl all over the place to her heart's delight unless she heads near the dog beds. I let my dogs eat table scraps... in their bowl during their specific feeding times. I let my husband paint a room of our house in the Georgia Bulldogs colors. I let my kids have candy when they're really good.

There's a ton of things that I let my kids do and just as many things that I don't let them do. Each person parents differently. But I do not LET my kids eat toothpaste.

There's a lot of things that I am and a lot of things that I'm not. I'm A Wannabe Supermom. I'm not there yet and it'll be a long time until I'm not a wannabe any more. However, I'm not a bad mother. I'm simply a mom. Kids do crazy things when we turn our backs for a moment to respond to one of life's many demands. Perhaps I'm being a little huffy by getting slightly defensive in response to some one telling me not to "let" my kid do something that's potentially harmful to him but any mother (or father) will tell you that kids will sometimes do things whether it's something we've "let" them do or not. This Wannabe Supermom will continue taking each day one at a time along with all the random craziness my children will throw at me.


  1. I hear ya.

    Last month, I was told that I shouldn't "let" my dog escape from his leash and run in the street.

    Yeah, 'cause I just love chasing him in three inch high heel shoes, right?

  2. Ugh. I'm a few days away from having my first child, and I'm already overwhelmed and under-impressed by the "advice" and "instructions" other parents love to give. Other moms can be so mean and can easily twist words to make it sound like you're being a bad parent (even well before the baby has arrived!).

    I have no patience for people who would imply that you let your child do something that would be hurtful to them. It must give them some sense of superiority to suggest it...

    Fortunately (and sometimes unfortunately), kids have minds of their own, and what would we have to write or laugh about if kids didn't sometimes do the things we don't let them do?

    Thanks for sharing this!

    P.S. I was a sneaky toothpaste eater too... Don't tell my mom! ;-)

  3. Abby, we've all been there. Just a few weeks ago my girls were having a dance party in our living room. Dance party in our home is having the music turned up loud and lots of crazy dancing going on usually with me and the girls. We dance our energy out. Anyway, this particular dance party was only my daughters dancing. I walked into the room, after stepping away for just a few minutes, to find my 3yr old dancing on top of our glass living room table. She was crouching down (wiggling her bottom at the same time) and getting ready to launch herself off onto the floor. The look on her face was priceless and I did laugh to myself for just a brief moment, and then I totally freaked out and starting screaming at my kids. I had to scream - the music was loud. Lol! Anyway, I LET my girls dance it out. :)


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