Monday, January 30, 2012

Introductions (and Monday Mommy Moments)

I'm not sure why, since none of my children are born in the first half of the year, but I was thinking the other day about the first time I met each of my children, face to face. Each pregnancy was unique, each discovery of pregnancy different and each first official introduction was totally unlike the others.

I discovered I was pregnant with my first daughter about a month after my husband and I had gotten married. We were watching Knocked Up (how ironic, right?) and all the sudden, I started bawling my eyes out. I just couldn't stop crying and got SO emotional about the movie. Seriously, I think I cried for like 2 hours straight. I knew then that something was up. So I took a test and sure enough, I was pregnant.

I spent the pregnancy eating spaghetti for three meals a day, taking a break to eat shrimp. We moved from Charlotte to Pittsburgh and I didn't have to work so I just stayed home all day. Seriously, I couldn't tell you what I did all day other than read anything and everything about babies.

My daughter was due on June 5th, 2008. Because she was breach, I had a c-section scheduled for May 30th. On the 29th, I went to my OB check up and turns out, she'd flipped. But I was so far along concerning my dilation and what not that they expected to see me the next day anyway. It never happened. I went through the next week just waiting for her to literally fall out (yeah, I was that far along) but she never did so an induction was scheduled for June 6th.

My labor went smoothly and she was (is) beautiful. When she came out and they put her on my chest, I cried hysterical (which may be the reason why she is my crier to this day). I couldn't help it. I had so many emotions rushing at me at once (and hormone surges) that I couldn't contain my tears. It must have been a bit much because every one in the room stopped what they were doing, looked at me and then the doctor asked if I was ok. Whatever, I had my gorgeous first baby, born on my dad's birthday, and she was healthy and happy.

With my son, my superstitious husband knew we were going to have a son. When the Steelers win the superbowl, a male is born in my husband's family. This sometimes includes dogs. Like his dog Spike. Whatever. I was late and so I took a test the day before the superbowl and gave the test to my unknowing husband as a gift, saying that I was the best "football" wife. Let's just say that when the Steelers won the superbowl the next day, my hubby was extra excited.

We knew we'd need a bigger house with another kid coming so we moved. Shortly after moving, since I was able to find out the gender but my new doc wouldn't let me take the sonogram yet, I went to an ultrasound clinic and sure enough, we were pregnant with a son. I was ecstatic. I wanted so badly to give my husband a son and now I was able to.

Because I had such bad back pain towards the end of this pregnancy, I was allowed to be induced and my little man was born October 8, 2009. When they put him on my chest, I had almost a complete opposite reaction than I did with my daughter. I think my husband was a bit confused by my attitude but there was nothing negative about it. When they handed him to me, I laid there staring at him with his long dark black hair. I was so proud that I coudlnt' do much other than smile. Seriously. Pride was my strongest "emotion" right then. I enjoyed watching my husband play with his new baby son. Proud.

After my son's first birthday, I just KNEW I was pregnant with our third child. I knew almost two weeks before I was able to take a pregnancy test. Don't ask how I knew. I just knew. I must have spent $30 or more on pregnancy tests because I kept taking them so early that I was getting negatives. Finally, on what had to be my 10th try or so, I got the positive I knew would eventually show up. I'm pretty sure I walked out of the bathroom and tossed the test at my husband. It would be our third kid in less than 4 years. No biggie (hahaha, yeah right).

My third pregnancy was pretty great. I had tons of energy (thank goodness since I had to keep up with two other young children) and didn't gain even half as much weight as I had with the first two. My husband and I made a date out of going to a new ultrasound clinic to learn the gender of our new baby. I'm pretty sure we even had the name finalized by the time we were finished with lunch after the appointment.

I had chosen to get a new doctor and she didn't seem to think there was any problem having the baby come just less than two weeks early. I actually was pretty dilated and effaced very early on. By the "two weeks until" point, I was already 50% effaced and 4 centimeters dilated. I was induced but I think she'd have come soon anyway. As we were signing in, I has having pretty strong contractions. It's a good thing too...

When the doc broke my water for me, there was maconium in the water and so it was important to get the baby out. I knew that it was a big deal but not a HUGE deal but it still had me pretty freaked out. When she came out, I wasn't allowed to touch her until they cleaned her up, sucked the junk out of her throat, let her stomach settle a little and check all her vitals. I was stressed and nervous so by the time they finally handed her to me, I was just relieved. Relieved that all was good and that she was ok.

I think back to the times when I first "met" my babies. The first time seeing their faces after I spent the last nine months or so literally tied to them. It's inexplicable. And I know all the other loving mothers out there know what I'm talking about, but there's really no words. Or not enough words to describe what happens to a mom's heart and soul when she first looks upon her sweet baby's face. No matter what kind of reaction, there's more going on behind, in the mind and in the heart of the new mother.

I look at my children now, 3 1/2, 2 and 7 months and I can still see their cute little new born faces. I'm still able to recognize the bond that connected their heart to mine when we first looked at each other. I can still remember those first moments we shared, just us.

One of the best parts about being a mom is that first introduction and how it sets up a life time of love. Love at first sight. I don't know if it exists in the romantic sense but I KNOW it exists in the maternal sense. I knew I loved my babies even before they were born but I didn't know how much I'd love them until I saw their faces.

Wannabe or not, being a mom to my three amazing babies will always be the best thing that has ever happened to me.


  1. First thing I read this glad. You gave me a beautiful walk through those amazing first moments, which made me mentally take a walk thorough mine. We had some similarities, for sure. I had my 3 in 31 months, and while those early years are difficult, I love having them so close in age. They are 7, 6, & 5 now and life is so much easier! They are BFFs. I also took like 10 preggo tests too early because I knew I was preggo with my 3rd. That positive finally came on Groundhog's Day, ironically, a few days from now;) My favorite part of your post, and something I will think about more today, is the one word that summed up each meeting for each child. Love that. Funny how each child is so different from the moment the lines turn on the stick. But, you made me realize, its not just the child who is different each time;)

  2. girly scream happening over at my house right now. But before I explain why, wow you have such sweet birth stories and oh how I know that indescribable feeling you get when you look at your baby and hold them for the first time. I too had a baby that came out with maconium and she had inhaled it somehow so they took her out of the room to have a special respiratory doctor pound her back and chest with some instrument to get it out of her lungs. I'm not really sure what all they did with her but she was my first and I was freaked out that they whisked her away so quickly and had her for what felt like 3 hours or so. She happens to be my high strung, hyper sensitive child too, which I often wonder if that was a result of not getting those first bonding skin on skin moments when she was born.

    Ok, now for the reason I was screaming a little over here (ahem) in Mercer, PA!!!! Only an hour away from Pittsburgh!!! We need to talk my friend. :-)


  3. Abby,

    What a beautiful post. Makes me wish I had that sort of experience. Mine was a quick C-Section. Like a wam bam thank you maam! I hope you print this one day so your kids can have their mommy moments with you! I am honored to have you on our Hopper team leading the mommy moments. It's already growing!

  4. Abby, thanks for sharing your three pregnancy and birth stories. It's amazing how even our pregnancies are unique and point to how God designs each child to be special. The same was true of the pregnancies and deliveries of my four daughters. Each unique. Each special. Each marked on my heart forever.


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