Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Gym: An Hour a Day Gift From My Hubby

So I've been pretty worn out lately. I chalk it up to the fact that I recently started going back to the gym. While it gives me amazing amounts of energy through out the day, as soon as I put the kids to bed and the house is quiet, I feel how incredibly tired I am. I'd consider going to bed but at this point, it's only 7 pm and if I went to bed this early, I'd be up at 3 in the morning. No bueno.

Tonight, since I was so tired but felt the need to post something, I was going to post all these great, funny parenting quotes I found online. This is how tired I am. I tried to post this roughly 12 times before I realized it wasn't letting me because I'd copy and pasted the whole thing. It's like walking into a glass door over and over before you realize what you're doing. Duh!

I took it as a sign that I wasn't meant to post that but that I should post something else. Since I don't really know what to write about (that good ol' writer's block I mentioned before...) I'll just tell you about my new gym.

I got up earlier than I would have liked to get the kids up and fed and dressed. After a process that takes us about 2 hours (look... I'm not good with schedules or routines... so sue me), we headed to the gym. I've really enjoyed going back to the gym. My membership was a Christmas present from my husband. Here's an example of how far we've come in our relationship. 2 years ago, he got me all kinds of work out gear for Christmas. I was so angry at what I felt he was implying. I wanted to pinch him. Really hard. Over and over. But this year, him giving me the membership was like him giving me an hour a day that I could have all to myself to do something healthy. Really, that's what it is. A little slice of heaven. I get to spend an hour sweating out tons of stress (and calories and all kinds of nasty funk) with my head phones on drowning out all the background noise. Listening to whatever music I want to listen to. The gym has a great little play room and the girls in there are great with the kids.

I used to go to LA Fitness. I like my new gym better. It's small (I don't think it even has showers) and the fellow patrons are normal people. LA Fitness was like going to a movie set. All these huge, perfect muscles on the men and women. The men even seemed to shine in a way that suggested that they'd lathered on baby oil before they came out to the floor. I never saw a single one of them working out though. They'd pretend to lift weights but then you'd see them pacing the floor talking on their blue tooth or chatting to each other or hitting on the very well endowed smoothie girl. The women were just as bad. I saw less clothing on women working out there than I would at the beach on a hot summer day. I felt so out of place.

This new gym is wonderful though. No one is trying to sell me anything when I walk through the door. There aren't 20 kids to one adult in the play room. There's not a ton of muscle head men walking around in spandex looking like their neck muscles are about to swallow their head. The women are normal "yes, we have weight 'issues' too!" women. I don't feel the need to spray paint my body to pretend I'm wearing clothes. And when I stunk really bad while working out the other day (have I ever mentioned that I often forget to put deodorant on in the mornings?), I wasn't looking around to see if any one else noticed. The old lady next to me on the Elliptical has her music on so loud that I can hear it perfectly, even with her headphones plugged into her own ears. The old men smile at me and hold the door for me and my three children. The nice young man (hahaha, yeah, I'm only 26 and I'm saying "young man") that helped me enroll didn't try to sell me water bottles or key chains or a stinking workout towel. No one bothers me. No one comes and gets me every time my kids cry. No one stands there behind me waiting for me to get done on the bike because it's "their" bike. I feel normal amidst all the other humans. Also, when the young man informed me that a personal trainer was available if I wanted and that if I wanted to contact HER, to grab one of her cards at the front, I almost fell over. At LA Fitness, I was offered a complimentary session with a personal trainer of the club's choice. I got some new kid that had to have been at least 6 years younger than me and kept calling me "hunny" and "sweetie" and "babe". On top of that, he didn't have the LAST idea how a woman's body works. NO BUENO!!! To have the option of having a female personal trainer, at an incredibly affordable price, who is also a registered nurse was like the cherry on top of the cake. I don't think I'll use her any times soon but having the option is great.

I've gone 3 out of 4 days this week and I plan to go tomorrow and Saturday as well. I have to say that this gym membership is with out a doubt, the best gift my husband has given me (and he has given me some REALLY awesome gifts before). I don't think he realized how much I needed it. I get one hour all to myself. One hour a day with out the kids pulling on me or pooping on me or screaming at me. One hour to be left alone. On top of that, the physical benefits have affected my mentality. Working out has given me much more energy through out the day. I don't feel sluggish lately and being able to stay focused when dealing with all three kids 24/7 has helped tremendously. I feel better all over and it's great.

Babe, if you're reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart for the gift of one hour a day all to myself. It has helped me more than I can ever express. You're the best! I love you!

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  1. Wow, an hour a day to yourself...what a gift! I think it's awesome that I get about 30 minutes to myself when I'm on break from work (I work in a daycare center so my baby girl is right down the hall). I keep telling myself I need to go to a gym, but it's so hard to justify the expense.


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