Monday, December 5, 2011

Encourage One Another

This post will be quick and simple.

Last night was a really rough night for me. In many ways. Being the woman that I am, I needed to talk about it. I ended up writing last night's post, talking to my husband, my father and a few good Christian women.

I have to say that encouragement and prayer does much more for the soul than one may think. It felt so good for my husband to reassure me that I'm a good mom, despite how I felt, instead of him telling me what I should be changing or working on. It encouraged me for my father to let me know that he thinks I'm a great mom and to pass on parenting wisdom to me. It lifted my soul to know that other women were praying for me as I struggle with my journey as a parent.

If you want to be there for some one, the best thing you can do for them is listen and encourage. The last thing in the world I needed to hear was something like, "Oh, well you need to be doing this differently." or "Stop doing what you're doing because it's obviously not working." or "No way! Your kid did that? That's awful!" I didn't need to hear any of that and thankfully, I didn't. God has blessed me with some pretty wonderful people in my life.

A special thank you to my husband, for your continued support and belief in my capabilities, and my father for your encouragement and for continuing to pass on Biblical wisdom. To both of you for being loving men. I need men like you in my life, especially while trying to raise a son. I am thankful for both of you!

If you know some one who's going through something tough, pray for them today. Even if you don't tell them. You will do more good for them than you can imagine.

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