Monday, November 28, 2011

Tossing Traditions

It is amazing how different the years can be. How one year can be so totally opposite from the last. This is the case for us this year.

 Last year at this time, my husband was working on a project states away but he was able to come home every weekend, sometimes for really long weekends. I only had two kids but was pregnant with the third. We were spending ridiculous amounts of money on the kid's Christmas presents (something we later regretted mostly because they got tired of opening gifts and we spent HOURS opening their gifts FOR them... spoiling kids is a stupid idea). I shed some sweat and tears while trying to get the kids to hold still for their photos at the studio. We decked the house out with decorations, inside and out. Our house looked like some of Santa's elves were smoking some special stuff and were let loose on our property.

This year, my poor husband is on a very demanding project even further away than the last and went over 2 months with out being able to come home. He was home for a few days and had to go back. We decided to be wiser and not get outrageous amounts of gifts for the kids this year. We even did some Black Friday shopping. I am not taking the kids to get their pictures taken this year. It'd be a nightmare. So I'm doing it myself. Should be interesting but in all seriousness, I'll get exactly what I want instead of the cheesy stuff that hundreds of other people will be getting as well. We decorated this year but since my poor hunny is out of town again, I'd have to put up all our yard decorations by myself. Those things are such a pain in the butt. No bueno. Plus, I'd have to wait until all three of the kids were in bed, which would mean that it'd be dark out and have I ever mentioned that I'm afraid of the dark? Really, I am but I'm just using that as an excuse not to do it.

It's hard to keep traditions when nothing stays the same. This year, I've decided to make it a tradition to not be traditional. We'll do somethings the same but I think it'll be fun if every year, something different takes place. I'm still trying to figure out what to do to make this Christmas season unique that we wont do again but that's a work in progress.

The traditions that we WILL keep are:

Making cookies for the neighbors
Going to church on Christmas Eve
Eating McDonald's chicken nuggets after the Christmas Eve service
Opening one present on Christmas Eve before bed
Doing the candy Advent calendars with the kids
Buying a new Christmas ornament
New outfits for the Christmas Eve service
Watching A Christmas Story and White Christmas
Reading the Christmas story from the Bible on Christmas morning before anything else
Driving around at night looking at people's houses all decorated with lights

I feel like I'm missing something but I can't put my finger on it right now. I'm sure that my husband will let me know once he reads this.

I'm hoping and praying it snows on Christmas night again this year like it did last year (snow in Atlanta on Christmas... who'd have guessed?). I'm looking forward to starting new traditions and maybe ignoring some old ones but what I'm looking forward to the most is spending time with my happy little family. Nothing makes me more content deep in my soul.


  1. Oh, I love your blog's Christmas look! So cute! You have a great attitude and seem to be taking the flexible joy approach to Christmas. That's why you're such a great mom. :-) I think you have a lot of great traditions that you will be keeping, some of which I love and might use for our family...specifically the McDonald's chicken nuggets after Christmas Eve services. Usually we drive around and look at Christmas lights before going back home to get the kiddos in their Christmas pj's and read them The Night Before Christmas. Another new tradition we've started since we moved to PA is Breakfast with Santa. The local Christian college (my husband attended years ago) invites the community and alumni to join them on a Saturday morning for breakfast with Santa. The food is fantastic and Santa shows up toward the end of breakfast. Then the kids all line up to sit on his lap and tell him what they want for Christmas...and get the pictures with him there too. We are doing that this Saturday. My girls are SO excited. But my six year old has already told us she knows that isn't the real Santa because his beard isn't stuck to his face. Lol! Then she said..."he's just one of Santa's helpers."

    ~Blessings and wishing you sweet traditions throughout the month.


  2. Love your thoughtfulness!

    Stopping by from VB.

  3. Awe...I love the kept traditions. Especially Church on Christmas eve and then the chicken nuggets. That's fantastic!

    After midnight Mass for us, our tradition remains the same boring deal. We watch "It's a Wonderful Life," as we moan and groan over putting toys together.

    So sweet :)


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