Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chicken Pox Parties: Sick Kids or Sick Parents

The Today show from the other day really got to me. First the Duggar family and now this whole Chicken Pox stuff.

I am pro-vaccinating. I have and always will vaccinate my children. I know that I'm ruffling feathers here but it really bothers me when parents DON'T vaccinate their kids. I don't understand the rationalizations that I have heard. When I hear arguments from parents that don't, at the end, all I ended up getting from their soap box rantings is that they don't have enough information but just feel like getting all huffy and puffy about something. I know some one that has worked at the FDA for many years and I spoke with her regarding the studies on things like vaccinations and autism. According to her, health risks with vaccinations usually (not always) occur when a child is already sick or has a fever at the time of vaccination. With this knowledge, I HAVE rescheduled doctor's appointments so as to not risk anything. I do understand that there ARE certain risks with the very point of vaccinating your child. However, those risks are much smaller than the repercussions of my child getting the diseases I try to protect them from.

In walks the Chicken Pox. I had it. I don't remember it being that big of a deal. I think it was probably more of a big deal for my parents who had to take care of me and my sister when we caught it. I remember being in elementary school when one of my classmate's dad got it. I remember him being VERY sick from it. I know another family who lost their very young (like not even toddler young) daughter to it. While many, like myself, just got covered in itchy red bumps with a fever to go along with it, it is a very serious illness for others. I am happy that there is now a vaccination for it. My daughter got the vaccine and I'm pretty sure my son got at least the first part of it and my youngest will too when she's old enough.

I heard on the Today show that parents are having Chicken Pox "parties" where they expose a group of kids to another child who has the disease so that their own children will contract it and therefore rule out the need for the vaccination. I also heard that there's a lolly pop deal where a contaminated child licks it and it is then passed around to non contaminated children with the hopes that they'll get the germ and thus not need the shot. I think this is sick. I feel very strongly that the parents that do this are harming their children. If you don't like having your child vaccinated, whatever. I think its silly but its your decision as a parent and me thinking its silly is my opinion. However, trying to expose your child to another sick child just so that they wont get a shot that has the same germ in it is ludicrous. When a person "gets" chicken pox, their body then builds up an immunity to it. Some very rare individuals do get it multiple times but it is the norm to get it just the one time. So parents are placing their own child in the presence of another sick kid hoping that they'll get sick too. Instead of getting a shot that will take care of all of this. Or the Lolly pop thing. What? Do parents realize that their child may not get the pox from licking something that was licked by an ill child but they're sure to catch other germs? And maybe get illnesses that you weren't expecting?

The whole thing just bugs the heck out of me. Putting your child in a situation hoping they'll get sick? Who hopes their kid gets sick, let alone put them in the presence of sickness on purpose? My job as a mother is to protect my children from anything that hurts them. It blows my mind that others say that they're doing the same thing by getting their kids on sick on purpose. Purposefully putting them in harms way. This is no bueno. Not good. Very bad. I think that the parents who participate in these "parties" are sick. Somethings not connecting upstairs. Sick.

I hear people say things like, "Oh, but vaccinations aren't natural." Here's what I have to say to that: I believe in the God who created man and the rest of the universe. I believe, according to the Bible, that it is man's job to take care of the earth and whats in it. I know that God gave us brains that He expected us to use. In walks the doctor, the chemist, the pharmacist, the biologist and who ever else it took to invent the vaccinations. He gave them all the intelligence to protect and prevent and help. All good things. I don't see what's unnatural about human beings preserving life. I think it IS natural for mankind to do what they have the power to do to stop harm from happening. To reduce the possibilities of children getting debilitating diseases. For mothers and fathers to take hold of the opportunity to give their children healthy happy lives. THAT'S natural. Not taking your kid to a party in hopes that they'll get freaking chicken pox just so you don't have to watch them get a flipping shot. Ugh. It really bothers me. I think its irresponsible parenting.

Ok. Now I'LL get off my soap box. I will go to bed tonight knowing that my children don't ever have to get chicken pox and that they don't have any weird ailments from receiving the vaccination. I will go to bed knowing that they will live lives as healthy as my husband and I can provide for them. And I will go to bed knowing I've done the right thing for them.

This Wannabe Supermom is proud to have had her kids vaccinated and will go to battle with any goofy Chicken Pox Partying Parents any day!


  1. I'm with you. Both my boys had chicken pox and I would have done anything to have taken it away from them or prevented it. (Long story as to why they weren't vaccinated, not my doing - I'm stepmom) The idea that parents would give their child an illness on purpose more than borders on child abuse, it crosses the line. They are purposely causing harm to their child. What's going to happen when (not if) one of these children dies from it? Will the parents be charged with a crime? My opinion - they should be.

  2. Found you on VoiceBoks and a new follower. I agree, my child gets her shots on time, every time. I can't image having to watch her go through any illness, knowing that I made her sick on purpose.

  3. Following from vB Featured Member. All my children get vaccinated. As far as the chicken pox goes, once you have it in your system you are more likely to get the shingles(they are related). Shingles aren't fun! I have an idea let's not get the measles, mumps and ruebella vaccine. Let's start passing that one around and see how people feel. My doctor said to me, "Do you think that doctors would vaccinate their child if they thought for 1 moment that it would harm them?" I have never questioned again. I would appreciate a visit from you when you get a chance!

  4. I have gotten my daughter all of her vaccinations. I have also read some of the things written about the link between autism and vaccinations--and most of what I have read focuses on the rise in the number of vaccinations in a way that indicates that is the only thing that has changed for children over the last 50 years. We have increased technology, increased pollution, changes in family structures, etc. There are so many differences in the lives of children--I can't believe that everything is caused by vaccinations alone.


  5. I have had my kids vaccinated but I also have a nephew with autism who experienced onset after a large series of vaccinations given in one day. I know "they say" vaccinations don't cause autism but I'm careful to spread mine out.

    Oh and sorry but I love the Duggars.

    (Congrats on your VB featured member status).

  6. Visiting from Vboks and a new follower. I agree, I got my children all of their vaccines. These parties sound gross and really are strange. Good for you on speaking out against them.

  7. Oh boy! That's a big topic! I have educated myself to try to find information that isn't so black and white, because that's pretty much how the vaccine debate goes. I have made informed decisions to get some vaccines and not to vaccinate on others, or to wait. I see both sides and think there are very valid arguments for both. I have to say I am all for the lolly pop parties (in regards to chicken pox)! That's how vaccines started, introducing a small dose of the virus. Same thing, different vehicle. Kind of like the SUV vs. the Prius, haha!

  8. I had all 6 of my kids vaccinated, but I made sure to space them out so they weren't getting a bunch of stuff introduced to their bodies at once.
    Found you via voiceBoks.

  9. Congratulations on being a featured member of voiceBoks! My daughter had the chicken pox before the shot came out. My son had the shot, then got chicken pox two years later. Crazy.


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