Monday, October 3, 2011

More Fall Fun: Pumpkin Shaped Toast and Eggs

Ok, so to continue with my obsession with this season that I love so much, I tried to make breakfast for the kids a little more fun. I've posted before on my other blog, something exactly like this, just a different cookie cutter.

Its fun and easy.

Toast a piece of bread or spray it directly, but not heavily, with cooking spray. Make sure your pan is sprayed as well.
Using a cookie cutter, I used a pumpkin this time, cut a shape in the middle of the bread.
Put the piece of toast with the hole in it into the pan.
Break an egg into the toast that is in the pan.
Cook the egg and then either flip it to cook the other side or serve as is.
I put cheese on top just because my kids love cheese.

Serve the piece of cut out toast on the side so they can dip it in the egg.

I used to LOVE it when my dad would cut shapes into our toast. It always made eating it that much more fun. My kids are the same way. Since getting them to finish their breakfast (or any meal for that matter) can be a battle, if it takes a little "effort" for me to make it fun so they'll enjoy it more, so be it.

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