Sunday, October 2, 2011

Life's Little Essentials

There are friends that a girl will make, or should make, that will always somehow know understand the little things that make them smile. I'm lucky to have such friends. One in particular, a college roomie, who I've probably got more in common with than either of us really realize, sent me a care package. She made the most adorable turtles for my kids and gave me delicious macadamia nuts (one of the great benefits of having friends that live in Hawaii) and the neatest book ever.

I am sure that she meant for this book to be a cute little gesture but in all serious, its one of the coolest books ever! I personally think that every woman should have one.

Its called, "The Girls' Book: How to be the Best at Everything". In all seriousness, I think I'm going to pick up a copy for each of my daughters and probably even the boy's version for my son.

This book has anything and everything you can imagine in it. It has instructions for the perfect manicure. It explains how to grow tomatoes, how to improve your memory and how to show off your superhuman strength. In the section labeled "How to be the best at text messaging" I learned all those little abbreviations that I had NO clue what they meant before. I'd sit there staring at what people wrote me trying to figure out what they heck they were saying. Now I know. It has some sillier things like how to do the perfect headstand or how to blow the biggest bubble gum bubble  or even how to walk across Niagara falls on a tight rope but it has some truly interesting things like how to avoid jet lag or how to survive in the desert. I've even got some ideas for gifts I'm going to make for people for Christmas.

I love the girlishness of this book but also its practicality. It's something cute to get a friend that's for sure to put a smile on her face and have her trying to become the best at some pretty random things.

How cute are these? The kids love them and I love any one that makes gifts for my kids!
There goes the diet! They're SO yummy!

Being a girl sure is fun. Even better when you're the best at everything (wink wink). Perfect little instructional for a Wannabe Supermom.

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