Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

It was actually around this exact time (8:30 pm) two years ago that a final push brought my little boy into the world. I honestly remember it like it was yesterday. I remember most of my pregnancy with him like it was yesterday.

My daughter was almost 8 months old when we found out we were pregnant again. I had baby fever. I knew I wanted another baby when she was about 3 months and in all our craziness, we tried for a few months before we actually made another little stinker.

I found out I was pregnant again the day before the 2009 superbowl. I took the test and put it out in our bedroom, called my husband up and told him I was a good Steelers' wife and that I had a gift for him. I got his reaction on video. He was pretty happy.

My husband waited till the next day to make his gender prediction though. We're pretty die hard Pittsburgh Steelers fans and as weird as it is, a male is born in my husband's family every year the Steelers win the superbowl. So, when we won that night, he was even more excited than most other fans since he "knew" we were having a boy. I held my breath though.

We moved a month or so later. From Pittsburgh to Atlanta. Because my husband traveled for work, I was alone most of the time with our daughter, our two boxers and a few months in, 6 puppies. May I just say that my female boxer, Stella, handles pregnancy much better than I do. I knew she was in heat and did my best to keep her and Spike away from each other. In all seriousness, they were alone for less than 5 minutes. A couple months later, when I felt that her nipples were a little larger than normal, I was convinced she was pregnant so I took her to the vet. There, I was told that she couldn't possibly be pregnant since she was fat enough. Seriously, less than a week later, she gave birth to 6 adorable puppies. I've not seen that vet since then. I wish I looked that good when pregnant though!


For whatever reason, the OB (or all 8 of them) wouldn't let me find out the gender as soon as was normal. I don't remember why. So I went to one of those 3D ultrasound places and found out the gender. My husband was right. I could tell before the technician even pointed it out. I was excited. I wanted very badly to give my husband a son. Some one to carry on his name.

I have scoliosis pretty bad and toward the end of my pregnancy, my back pain was pretty unbearable. In the last week or so, when I was already dilated (and all the rest of the fun details), I tried everything to get him to come out. We went on long walks. All the time. I tried eating really spicy food, something I don't do because my stomach can't handle it. I couldn't handle it then either but it did nothing for inducement. I tried other things with some help of the hubby and I even tried drinking Castor oil. I do NOT recommend that one. It didn't work for me and it was SO nasty! And the side effects weren't pleasant. No bueno!

Finally, about 4 days before my date, we went to the doctor and they signed off on inducing me since my back pain was so bad. We'd never been more relieved. My poor husband had been home for a week or so with his Grandfather in town and he would have had to go back to work and leave me. Thankfully, I was induced before he had to go back.

That morning, we woke up bright and early since we were told that I could call at 6 am and head in at 8. I called and was told to wait a few hours and call back. So I did. And was told to wait and call back. So I did. Finally, they said it was ok to come in. This was around noon and by then, from being up so early and being so anxious, we were already pretty tired. We get in, I get hooked up to the IVs and they start to administer my antibiotic. I had a lovely allergic reaction to that. In all seriousness, if some one ever wanted to torture me, just make me itch. It drove me nuts. Really. Being itchy all over my body for just 5 to 10 minutes made me feel like I was going insane. Thankfully, they then put some benedril into the IV and I feel asleep. I think that right before I fell asleep they dosed me with some pitocin and the inducement was on its way. About an hour later, I woke up and the doctor came in to check on me. She was a bit frazzled. As it turns out, there were 13 other baby boys born that day. SO weird. She was swamped. And in her stress, she turned on us. She tried to stop the inducement and send me home. I'm so glad the nurses talked her out of it because I began to panic and I thought my husband was going to flip out on her. I opted for the epidural. I have a ton of respect for women who choose to go through the pain of labor but I had NO desire to do it. I don't regret it one bit.

After a few hours and 3 pushes later, my baby boy was born. The umbilical cord got wrapped around him and that part was a little scary but he was just fine once that got taken care of. He came out with SO much hair! My experience afterwards was so different than with my first baby. With her, I cried like a nut when they put her on my chest and then again after they got her cleaned up. I think it was a combination between the emotions and the excitement and the love. However, when my son was born, I just felt this strange sense of peace. I was nice and calm. I felt good watching my husband hold and talk to his new son. There was pride mixed with joy. No crying. Just smiling.

The few weeks that followed his birth turned into the darkest period of my life but that is all over now and he is healthy and we are happy.

He is a ball of fire. He is loud and hyper and constantly on the go. He's destructive and has no fear of that which can hurt him (which terrifies me!). He's a total adrenaline junky already. And a total ladies man. He has HUGE brown eyes with eyelashes so long that women would kill to have them. He's got a goofy little smile and the most infectious laugh. He has the most annoying high pitch scream and likes to throw heavy toys over the balcony onto unsuspecting victims. He has put cars into my vehicle's exhaust pipes and has thrown up in the middle of the mall playground. He knows when I'm sad and need a kiss. He calls me "Mah" in the cutest little voice that melts my heart. I never thought I'd be called "Mah" or that I'd even like it. Sometimes, when he is being noisy and driving me nuts, I remind myself that there once was a time, when he was very sick, that I couldn't hear his voice. Not even his cry. I'll take that outrageous eardrum shattering squeal any day of the week.

 This little boy has taught me so many valuable lessons already. I don't feel that he is any more or less special than my two daughters but there is definitely a special bond that I have with him. He and I have been through hell and back again together. I don't think he'll ever know how much I already respect him for his inner strength. He's crazy but he always keeps going. He has a perseverance that is intimidating and admirable all at the same time. All I can do is pray and guide him so that as he gets older, that trait will be used for good and not bad.

My little man is an amazing person and I am so blessed to be able to call him my son. I wouldn't trade him for anything in the universe.

Happy Birthday, Little Anthony! Mah loves you with all her heart! You will always be my baby boy!

*There's a band that my husband and I saw at Warped Tour years ago called Family Force 5. They're some crazy kids but we both really liked them. As it turns out, they're from the Atlanta area. Since my son was born on the other side of Atlanta, this song, Kountry Gentleman, makes me think of him every time I hear it. I know its silly, even downright odd, but something about it is him to a T*

Little Man, this song's for you!

Kountry Gentleman
I come from the land where the mullet attacks
Business up front
Party in the back
You gotta style in the south when your steppin' out
Put a gold tooth in your mouth
Look at you now
Tank top, your ball cap, you think your all that
But your lookin' like Scott Stapp!
Your just another redneck from back in the woods
Not a Kountry Gentleman that can bring the goods

My momma raised me in the durty south
A Kountry Gentleman
So you best watch your mouth
My momma raised me in the durty south
A Kountry Gentleman
That's what it's all about!

IROC-Z , Got an eagle on it
Rolling on some 12's
Don't you know I'm gonna flaunt it
Am I driving too fast for you now?
The muffler goes "Ka-Plow!"

Now that I got your attention
Just let me mention that I'm pinchin' pennies
To buy some 20's
I got plenties and many's of money's just to give to my friends
And that would certify me as
A Kountry Gentleman brrrrrrrt

Momma, what you got cookin' up in that kitchen?
Cookin' fried chicken?
You know I love that soul food
Everythang you cook is so good
For a southern man like me
Gotta cook it up clean, cook it up mean
Mama don't like it when you got leftovers
Just gimme me some of them collard greens

Got me some grub and I gotta go
Down to the grocery store
Tailgate party at the PIG WIG
Jumpin' up and down in the back of a truck bed
Look at that kid tryin' to act all big
Tried to breakdance and break his legs
He ain't got what I got
Let's make it hot up in this parking lot!

My momma raised me in the durty south
A Kountry Gentleman
So you best watch your mouth
My momma raised me in the durty south
A Kountry Gentleman
That's what it's all about!

The durty, durty south [x3]

Watch what you're sayin' around my momma!
She raised me in the Durty South!
I said, "Watch what you're sayin' around my momma!!
She raised me in the Durty South!! [x2]


  1. Happy birthday to your little man :)
    by the way, I have scoliosis too, so I pretty much understand what you went through.

  2. Cute! Happy birthday Anthony! No matter how old he is, you'll still remember the birth like it was yesterday!! :-)

    Hope you had a fabulous weekend celebrating!

    Stopping by from VB - enjoy your Monday!


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