Sunday, September 25, 2011

"She's Crafty..."

I have a great neighbor. Ever since we've moved into this house, she is continuously bringing us over the most wonderful things. She's brought over home made breads and vegetables from a farm that she gets her produce from. She and her family bought my son a Bible when he was born and for the birth of my most recent baby, she brought over a gorgeous hat and booty set that she MADE! Its too cute. I love everything about it from the colors to the style to the fact that she made it herself.

I was so enamored with the hat set that I decided to make some of my own for the kids. I knew how to do basic crocheting from back in the day and have made a large blanket for my oldest daughter. I'd never learned how to make hats though. I believe I have a book on crocheting but I'm such a visual learner that I knew I'd never get anywhere by trying to read the book. I went to YouTube. I found an extremely helpful tutorial video done by I learned how to do it quickly and it was easy to understand. I tried other tutorials too but they weren't very helpful. However, I will say that how my neighbor did the had she made for me is very different from the way I did it. I'm going to have to get her to show me how she did it.


So I made the kids each a hat and the two older ones a matching scarf (making one for the baby just seemed inappropriate... babies and scarves... not a good idea). Then I decided that the girls' hats were too plain so I went about trying to make crochet flowers. I need to add a disclaimer here. The tutorial here was fantastic and my inability to make the flowers look like the beautiful ones made in the tutorial shouldn't reflect the skill of the tutor. She did an amazing job. I'm just not skilled the way she is. Moving on. The tutorial I watched on how to make the flowers was on Little Birdie Secrets. She did a great job explaining and showing.

I will eventually swap out the buttons in the center of the flowers for some cute ones but for now, they are what they are. I totally enjoyed making these. I find crocheting to be relaxing and not at all "granny-ish". I love that my kids are wearing hats that I made for them. Next, I'm planning on making the entire family matching Pittsburgh Steelers hats and scarves. I'm pretty excited about it actually :)

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  1. This is so awesome! I wish I could do this stuff, I've seen so many neat project people make with yarn! You'll have to show us the Steelers stuff when it's done :)


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