Sunday, September 11, 2011

I remember...

I can't believe its been 10 years since the attacks on our country. I think that when certain traumatic things happen, its hard to erase them or even block them out so it can continue to feel like they just happened. I can remember everything about the day of the attacks.

I went to a Christian school in Southern Maryland. I was sitting in Anatomy class when the school director came over the speaker system and asked us to take a 5 minute break from class to pray because a plane had just flown into one of the world trade towers. We prayed and our teacher went on teaching. Not much longer and the director came on again and asked that we take another break to pray again since the other tower had also been hit and it no longer seemed like an accident. We prayed and again went on with class. Finally, the director asked that we take the next 30 minutes and pray because there was an explosion at the Pentagon. I remember freaking out a little bit in my head at this point. My parents worked near DC. I think that at that time, my dad had even been working or going to meetings at the Pentagon. We prayed for a while and eventually all the high school students were asked to go up to the sanctuary. They had us all sit down. We prayed for a while and then they rolled a TV in so that we could watch the news. I remember watching for just a little while in total disbelief. It didn't seem real. We were told right away that the high school retreat that we were supposed to leave for the next day was cancelled. Under other circumstances, I'd have been bummed but it barely registered at this point. After a few minutes though, all I could think about was my sister. I felt the need to find out where she was and see if she knew what was going on and if she was ok. The school day was pretty much shot. A lot of younger kids knew something bad happened but didn't understand and a lot of them were crying. I remember seeing a brother and sister hugging each other and crying really hard. I'm not sure if they knew some one who was first hand affected by the attacks or if they were just looking to each other for support. I tried to call my mom and dad but the phone lines were all tied up. My sister was ok. One of my friends and his siblings and mom were pretty strung out because their dad was supposed to be at the Pentagon that very day. Turns out, he left something at home or at his office or something like that and had to turn around. He was driving away from the Pentagon when it happened. My mom was eventually able to get through to the school and let my sister and I know she and my dad were ok and were on their way home. My mother lost a coworker/friend in the Pentagon attack. A woman that worked at our church lost her cousin and his wife or something like that. They were stewards on one of the planes.

It was scary. I remember getting home and we all went straight downstairs to the TV and turned on the news. They played the scene of the plane hitting the tower over and over again. Seeing it on the news this morning brought back all those frightened emotions. Eventually, after I'm sure what was hours but felt like minutes, my dad sent us upstairs because he felt that we didn't need to keep watching it. I'm glad he sent us away. I don't remember if we went to school the next day. I'm sure we didn't.

Hearing the stories later of the people who were on the plane that crashed in PA made me think that there are good people out there. I wish we knew exactly what happened on those planes. I'm sure we'd hear even more stories of bravery and courage. My heart breaks for those poor people. They knew what was coming and I personally think that I'd rather not know than be completely aware of my impending doom.

I heard this morning on the news of all the people who came together with their boats and rescued people off the island of Manhattan. I had no idea that ever happened. Its amazing how quickly people pull together in times of need. I think tragedy has a way of bringing people together.

I can't imagine being a family member of a victim. I was terrified when I first wondered if either of my parents were safe. To have actually lost them would have changed everything for me forever. My heart and thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims. I am sorry that they lost loved ones for such a selfish "cause".

The men and women involved in the attacks will have to answer to God for what they did. They will receive justice for their actions. I wish that the attacks never happened and I wish that the war that followed didn't have to happen. Did I wish that we could have seen Bin La den's body when they said they found and killed him? At first I did. But that was the angry, vindictive person in me. Then I thought about it. I'm glad they didn't show pictures. I don't want our country to stoop to savage levels just because we want proof. I trust the men and women who give and gave their lives for my freedom and safety. If they say they got him, then it is what it is.

To all the men and women who literally went into the fire to save others lives and to the men and women who have served in our country's military and fought with their very lives to protect a freedom we take for granted on a daily basis, thank you. Thank you for doing all you can so that I can walk in the mall with my children with out fear. Thank you for giving your lives so that I can live in a country where I'm allowed to vote, where I'm allowed to buy a house and a car and send my kids to Christian school. Where I can proudly wave the American flag with out wondering if it will get me killed. Thank you for being braver than I am. Thank you for fighting for something worth fighting for. Thank you because the only way for evil to prevail is for good men to stand by and do nothing.

I will forever remember September 11, 2001. I will never forget that day and the events that followed. It will be something that I take to the grave with me. A tale that I will tell my safe and free grandchildren. I know the entire country will never forget. And because we haven't and wont forget, God have mercy on any one that tries it again.



  1. Abby...I love you...made me cry again today. Today was tough, tougher than other years. I thought of Angie's smiling face and love for our Lord. We also lost 7 other en lees that day. 3 which I knew but not well. Remember picking you and Jessie up at school, I just wanted to get you home where we would all be safe.

    To all have given everything for our Freedom, I salute. To all the victims families, I pray for.

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