Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sweet Dreams

Yesterday, my younger sister and I started emailing each other with things that we're thankful for. At least one thing each day to help us remember to be thankful to our God who freely blesses us. We (people in general) have a tendency to forget Who blesses us and why He blesses us. I don't want to forget. I want to give Him credit where credit is due. Also, its a great way for us to bond as sisters, rejoicing together in things that God has given us.

Tonight, I wanted to share here what I wrote to her. Here is what I am thankful for in this moment:

"One of my favorite things in the world is watching my babies smile in their sleep. I am thankful 1) for being able to enjoy something so beautiful that came from my own flesh and blood. It is something that I hope you're able to experience one day. 2) I'm thankful, through this treasured curving of my babes' lips, that I'm reminded to slow down and know the peace that God wants me to feel. I can't say that I smile in my sleep. Most of the time I'm too weighed down by stress and pain that I am not at peace enough, even in my sleep to experience a carefree state of mind and soul. Proverbs tells us though that if we obey God's word and trust in him, we will sleep peacefully and our dreams will be sweet. Adrina smiling in her sleep as I held her reminded me to take the time to trust God and experience peace as He designed. I am thankful for such a beautiful reminder that God has good things in mind for me." 
Proverbs 3:19-24 say
"By wisdom, the Lord laid down the earth's foundations, by understanding He set the heavens in place; by His knowledge the deeps were divided, and the clouds let drop the dew.
My son, preserve sound judgment and discernment, do not let them out of your sight; they will be life for you, an ornament to grace your neck.
Then you will go on your way in safety, and your foot will not stumble; when you lie down, you will not be afraid; when you lie down, you sleep will be sweet."
God has given us an abundance of wisdom and insight. He has given us instructions that will benefit us and make us prosper if we obey. Its not rocket science. Its actually all quite simple once you understand that He has shown us the way, through His perfect love. I am thankful for that. I can't do it on my own. I'm stupid and head strong and quick to make the worst possible choices. He spelled it all out for me.
If I "preserve sound judgment and discernment" I will be able to go through life with out worry. If I practice what I've been taught, what God has so graciously given me, I will be able to rest. I will be able to lay in the arms of my Father and smile in my sleep, full of peace and empty of all that troubles the soul.
I will be forever grateful to my sleeping beauty for smiling in her sleep and blessing me with the reminder that my God wants the very same thing for me.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Falling Leaves

I don't know about any one else's kids but mine LOVE to glue anything and everything. Hand them glue sticks and they're as happy (and messy) as can be.

Today, I decided that we would make another fall themed craft.

I cut out trees with brown construction paper for each kid. Then I cut out some leaves with red construction paper.

For more leaves, I used tissue paper. If you're like me, you save the tissue paper from every gift bag you receive. I still have tissue paper from my bridal shower over 4 years ago. Comes in handy for gift giving as well as crafting. I cut up some yellow and orange tissue paper and crumpled them up.

I handed each kid a glue stick and let them go to town. They glued the tree onto a piece of white construction paper and glued the leaves on after that. My daughter decided she didn't like the tissue paper  crumpled up so she flattened most of it before gluing. To each his own.

Monday, September 26, 2011

My 3 Ring Circus

I was skyping with my parents yesterday afternoon and while trying to hold a conversation with them, my children were all screaming and fighting and crying and everything else under the sun. My parents, seeing my frustration, graciously offered to let me go. Upon saying goodbye, one of them asked, "Ready to run away and join the circus?" I laughed saying that I already was a part of it!

For whatever reason, this was constantly on my mind today. Today, I really did feel like my house had turned into a circus act. I had what seemed like a manageable to do list this morning. I didn't get to a single chore on my list. The most random things happened and I just didn't get anything accomplished.

If my life really was a circus, here's how the act would go:


Over here in this ring, we've got the Wannabe Supermom. More often than not, she is our main clown. She juggles bottles, dirty diapers, sippy cups and snot rags. Her make up is usually smeared all over her face and her hair stands straight up from her trying to pull it out. She will jump through hoops just to get a hot meal on the table and she wears a goofy grin on her face to hide the maniac inside. She frequently forgets to brush her teeth or put deodorant on. She's a bit of a scary clown... just don't look too closely or stare and you might laugh a little.

In the next ring, we've got the time traveling husband. He amazingly travels while working his butt off. He is some how able to return home and the kids act like he's never been gone. He works far and away and steps back into the role of "daddy" by cooking and cleaning and playing and loving like he never had to leave. Totally unusual to find a man that can balance it all and still look outrageously hot. He's the "main attraction". And we adore him.

Over on this side of the tent, we have the "amazing" jumping dogs. We've got two boxers and a bulldog and all three think they're jumping beans. Get them going enough and they're up in the air, wiggling their butts from side to side and moving so quickly that you can't catch them. One doesn't like other women and will proudly let them know. She's a fabulous soccer player and a remarkable football player. The bulldog miraculously sheds pounds of fur off every day and it somehow all grows back... just to shed all over the house the next day. And the male... well, lets just say that he has the remarkable ability to know when a female dog in the neighborhood is in heat. He can climb out of a steal "cage"  6 feet long and 10 feet tall. He can chew through a garage door and eat off a plate that's on the counter with out knocking anything else on the floor.

Outside the big top, we've got smaller tents for our smaller acts.

In tent number one, we've got Mommy's Little Monster. He is faster than lightning, likes to leap from high places and has no sense of fear. He can stick his toy cars in the smallest places like sub woofers and exhaust pipes. He can poop almost on command. Give him Gatorade when he demands it and you'll be out of money in no time. His scream, which he does just for kicks, is so high pitched it will shatter your windows... and if not, you'll at least get a lovely headache from it. Beware. His adorable looks lure you in. But he will throw a punch strong enough to knock you on the ground. He is our little speedy monkey.

In tent number two, we house Princess Klutz. She has an uncanny knack for hurting herself. Put her in a padded room and she will still manage to trip, stub her toe and skin her forehead. Do not hand her crayons! She uses them to destroy your sanity. Her special talent is asking the same question about 30 times in a row. You will never see her with out her entourage of "baby puppies". She is the stuffed dog whisperer. She is our beautiful future heart breaker.

Finally, in tent number three, we have the itty bitty baby. She consumes outrageous amounts of formula. She turns bright red when she cries. This adorable baby almost never poops in her diaper. She poops WHILE you're changing it. Don't let her fool you. She doesn't sleep a whole lot during the day. However, she doesn't sleep a whole lot at night either. Cute.

My circus is crazy. Its a show for sure. Pull up a seat and I promise, you wont be disappointed. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll gasp and you'll be amused. It is my life though. As totally insane and outrageous as it gets, I wouldn't trade it for the world. Well, maybe the screaming and the tripping and the pooping. But the rest of it can stay. As loopy and unusual as we "look" there's more love here than you bargained for.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

"She's Crafty..."

I have a great neighbor. Ever since we've moved into this house, she is continuously bringing us over the most wonderful things. She's brought over home made breads and vegetables from a farm that she gets her produce from. She and her family bought my son a Bible when he was born and for the birth of my most recent baby, she brought over a gorgeous hat and booty set that she MADE! Its too cute. I love everything about it from the colors to the style to the fact that she made it herself.

I was so enamored with the hat set that I decided to make some of my own for the kids. I knew how to do basic crocheting from back in the day and have made a large blanket for my oldest daughter. I'd never learned how to make hats though. I believe I have a book on crocheting but I'm such a visual learner that I knew I'd never get anywhere by trying to read the book. I went to YouTube. I found an extremely helpful tutorial video done by I learned how to do it quickly and it was easy to understand. I tried other tutorials too but they weren't very helpful. However, I will say that how my neighbor did the had she made for me is very different from the way I did it. I'm going to have to get her to show me how she did it.


So I made the kids each a hat and the two older ones a matching scarf (making one for the baby just seemed inappropriate... babies and scarves... not a good idea). Then I decided that the girls' hats were too plain so I went about trying to make crochet flowers. I need to add a disclaimer here. The tutorial here was fantastic and my inability to make the flowers look like the beautiful ones made in the tutorial shouldn't reflect the skill of the tutor. She did an amazing job. I'm just not skilled the way she is. Moving on. The tutorial I watched on how to make the flowers was on Little Birdie Secrets. She did a great job explaining and showing.

I will eventually swap out the buttons in the center of the flowers for some cute ones but for now, they are what they are. I totally enjoyed making these. I find crocheting to be relaxing and not at all "granny-ish". I love that my kids are wearing hats that I made for them. Next, I'm planning on making the entire family matching Pittsburgh Steelers hats and scarves. I'm pretty excited about it actually :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Importance of Creativity

I'm terrible at math. When I was in college, I failed my math class not once, not twice but three times. I'm talking that I was so bad at the basic class that I tried taking the class that didn't even earn me credits so I could try to learn the basics. Yeah, tanked that one. I wondered why in the world I would need a math class if I was a Journalism major. When in the world was I going to use math in writing? I write. I know words and letters. You throw them in with numbers and then all sorts of funny symbols and I'm lost. Keep the numbers with numbers and use the letters to make words. I vocalized my question and always got the same response, "No matter what you do, you're going to need to know some math." Ok, so far, anything I've ever done, all I've needed regarding knowledge in math was what I learned in 2nd grade. However, I get what my teachers were saying.

No one emphasises the importance of creativity though. You hear that you need math. You need basic English. I love English but I have to say that I've never had to dissect a sentence in every day life. Whatever. Back to my point. I was never taught in school, except for in my art class, that creativity was something I would need constantly no matter what I was doing. I needed it when I was a waitress. I needed it while working at the Harley Davidson dealership. I needed it when working for a pool company. I need it as a stay at home mom.

Combine the need to be creative with the need for children to spend quality time doing something fun with their parents and you have at home art projects (Wait... did I just do math? Did I just have to add two things together to reach a result? A+B=C?). My kids love to do art projects. I want to encourage their artistic, creative sides as much as their athletic or intellectual sides. I think that being creative is just as important as the others.

Today we made pumpkins to go with our theme of decorating for fall.

We took 3 sheets of orange construction paper and cut them in half. I then stacked all the sheets together, drew a pumpkin on the top one and cut them all out at the same time.

After that, I let the kids take glitter glue and each decorate three pumpkins. Crayola sells these amazing glitter glues that are incredibly easy to clean up if things get out of hand.

When the glitter dried, we folded each pumpkin in half and put glue on each side. Then we glued the backs of all three pumpkins together, making one multidimensional pumpkin.

Outrageously easy and fun for the kids. No mess to clean up. Cute end result.

The kids and I got to spend time together and we had a blast. Also, we made some more adorable decorations for the house. Another sucess for this Wannabe Supermom.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Crafts with my Kids

I love fall. Its my favorite season. I think its my favorite because some of my happiest memories happened in the fall. As a kid, school started in the fall, soccer season was in the fall. We used to, as a family, rake leaves in the yard. I'm pretty sure that my sister and I played in the leaves more than we raked. As I got older, home coming was in the fall, college started in the fall, the fair up by my grandmother's house was in the fall. I met and was engaged to my husband in the fall. My son was born in the fall. Lots of happy times happened in the fall. Not to mention that I love the weather. Its cooler, the leaves change colors (well, not so much down here in the south which totally bums me out but in the north, its beautiful). There's an excuse to drink hot chocolate on a daily basis. I would rather wear sweaters than shorts... and I felt that way even before I gained all this "mommy" weight. I feel alive in the fall. I just love it!

I'm always looking for an excuse to celebrate something so why not celebrate something I love so much like the fall season. I also enjoy doing arts and crafts so today, the kids and I made some "fall bouquets".

We used:
Pipe cleaners
construction paper
washable paint

I took red, yellow and orange paint and painted the kids hands with it. Then I had them put their hands on the paper so we had a hand print of theirs. They did different color paints on different papers. After the hand prints dried, I cute them out and punched tiny holes in the bottoms. I threaded the pipe cleaners through the holes, wound them all together and put them in a vase. Hence, the bouquet.

There's something about kids hand prints that I find so adorable. Can't go wrong combining two things that make me very happy, Fall and my children. The bouquet made a cute little addition to my decorations.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Every Mom Needs A Little Romance

Ok, first I have to say this. I googled "pictures of love" to get some clip art for this blog. May I just say that I find it very odd that there were a ton of pictures of Bret Michaels? Is that weird or what? Never in my wildest dreams do I think of Bret Michaels when I think of love.

I have been thinking a lot lately about how I am supposed to raise my daughters in such a way that they will understand what true love really is. I have seen parents raise their kids in just about every concerning this matter and no matter how a child or girl is raised, they will choose their own ideas of what love is.

Thinking about this made me reflect on a conversation that I recently had with my husband. I "expressed" to him that I needed more romance. That it was something that women needed and being a woman, I needed more of it. My poor husband (and don't take offense to this if you're reading it, babe!) doesn't have a "romantic" bone in his body. Or not what our society poses as romantic.

I saw one of those online dating commercials today. The one where the chick and her friends are looking at men's profiles online and she says something about needing "serious romance". The next scene is of her and an attractive man in the bedroom with candles and roses and all kinds of funny accidents happen and then she says something about just going to the movies instead. It made me realize that even in commercials, society is saying that romance and sex are one and the same.

For as long as I can remember, fairy tales have portrayed a dashing prince on a white horse whisking a maiden away to his castle. As little girls, we think that this is what its supposed to be like. We look for men with good looks, money, a nice ride... Not always, but its whats been implanted in our minds. All of this brought me back to me telling my husband to be more romantic.

What is romance? I looked it up online and this is what I found.

Noun1.romance - a relationship between two lovers
Synonyms: love affair
2.romance - an exciting and mysterious quality (as of a heroic time or adventure)
Synonyms: romanticism
3.Romance - the group of languages derived from Latin
4.romance - a story dealing with love
Synonyms: love story
5.romance - a novel dealing with idealized events remote from everyday life
Verb1.romance - make amorous advances towards; "John is courting Mary"
Synonyms: court, solicit, woo
2.romance - have a love affair with
3.romance - talk or behave amorously, without serious intentions; "The guys always try to chat up the new secretaries"; "My husband never flirts with other women"
4.romance - tell romantic or exaggerated lies; "This author romanced his trip to an exotic country"
Adj.1.Romance - relating to languages derived from Latin; "Romance languages"
Synonyms: Latin

No where does it say that romance is candles and roses and chocolate and cuddling. It first says "a relationship between two lovers". I think that I have a flawed image of what romance really is and this has led me to 1) make my husband feel like he isn't meeting my needs and 2) put unneeded pressure on our relationship.

Considering this made me look back on my relationship with my husband and think about all the things we do together. He has made 3 beautiful children with me. That's romantic. One time, when we were living in New York, he had to go to Maryland for work. He came back with a single rose and a plant for me. I love flowers and I love plants. He bought a puppy for me. We went on a walk and got attacked by lady bugs. When he gets gas, he picks up my favorite Arizona Teas for me. That's romantic. He is thinking about me and doing things for me because he loves me. We went sky diving together for our anniversary last year. Most women wouldn't look at that as romantic and at the time, I didn't really either. Looking back on it though, it is something unique that neither of us had ever done before that we got to do together. THAT is romance.We had a huge fight one time and as an expression of his apology, he bought me a book that I'd really been wanting to read. I'm a nerd. But it was romantic. It snowed on Christmas night this past year. He took me outside and ran around in it with me. He went with me when I got my second tattoo. He takes care of me when I'm sick. He tried to massage my feet when I was pregnant (I say try because I don't really like foot massages but he didn't know that).He bought me a Steelers jersey for our first Christmas together. I, having never really watched a football game before, thought it was a strange gift. It was his way of letting me know that he wanted me to be a part of something he enjoyed. That's romance. He and I used to sit outside Starbucks for hours, he working and me reading. He likes to set up a lawn chair for me so I can watch him wash the cars. He just wants me with him because he enjoys my company so much. That's romantic.

I think that in order for my children, my daughters specifically, to understand what real love and real romance is, my husband and I are just going to have to live it out. My parents do. They're not "conventionally romantic". They take motorcycle rides together (which, in all honesty, is really cute to me) and go on bicycle rides and go to gun shows together. They enjoy each other's company and love each other enough to want to live life together. That's romantic.

I don't need candles and roses and jazz music playing while he hand feeds me grapes and whispers sweet words in my ear. I just need him. He is romantic with me every day. I just needed to step back and open my heart. I have a man that loves me and would give his life for me and our children. I have a man that wants me by his side. I have a man that wants to spend the rest of his life with me while loving our growing family. THAT'S ROMANTIC!

Bret Michaels? I'm still trying to figure that one out...

Sunday, September 18, 2011

All Aboard the Crazy Train... Again...

Here we go again. On board the crazy train.

I have three kids. My oldest is 3. My second will be 2 in just a few weeks and in a few days, my youngest will be 3 months. For a little while, it's just them and me. My husband has to do some hardcore traveling. So I'm home alone 24/7 for an undisclosed amount of time with the kids. I've been alone with them for all of 4 hours and I'm already going crazy.

My wonderful daughter, my oldest, is in her bossy phase. Everything I say, she repeats... as long as its a command. She is currently screaming at her brother, "I told you not to do that! You're not listening very well. Time out now!" My son entered his Tarzan phase months ago and hasn't moved on. He just tried to jump off the arm of the couch into the playpen where the baby is sleeping (was sleeping...) which is about 4 feet away from the couch. Am I bad that I'm not getting up from my blogging to reprimand him? Maybe, but this is helping me cope with their outrageousness.

I love my children more than anything else in this world. I don't know what I'd do without a single one of them. I've said to people before that I had no idea that my life was even missing something until my children were born. Then my life was so much fuller in every beautiful way that it afterward dawned on me that it was emptier before they entered.


They scare the snot out of me sometimes. Being alone with them terrifies me a little bit. They aren't wrapped in bubble wrap. They don't come with pause or mute buttons. They are germ magnets. Only one is potty trained. One likes to jump from high places. One can't even feed herself. Another likes to color on my walls. They enjoy beating each other up. My middle child likes to throw heavy toys from the balcony. My oldest plays with her hair so much it falls out. My youngest cries until you pick her up and then she smiles. And then she pukes. All of them are addicted to their sippy cups or bottles. I can't go to the bathroom (which used to be my safe haven) with out them banging on the door calling, "MOMMY! I NEED YOU!" The oldest go to bed at 8 and wake up around 6:30. My baby goes to bed around 10 and wakes up when ever she feels like it. Lately around 6 am. I'm usually worn out around 4 pm and don't feel like waking up until about 8 the next morning. Sleep... whats that?

Somehow, I'm supposed to stay sane, keep them all healthy, maintain the house, entertain, feed and bathe them all. Take care of three dogs and make sure the bills get paid on time. Among a few other things.

The worst, scariest part, is that I'm going to be missing my husband the entire time. Not because I wish I had his extra pair of arms and legs to help me control the kids. But because he is my best friend, my support, my companion, my partner in crime and much much more. I missed him the second I kissed him goodbye. That alone made me feel like a crazy person. Babe, if you're reading this, I love you with all my heart. I can't wait to see you again. For now, I'll take hearing your voice.

Anyway... If the next few posts sound a bit... paranoid or over the edge, you know why. I'm going to do my best to hold on to my sanity while keeping every one else alive. This Wannabe Supermom is out... I'm being fake cried at.

At least the Steelers won today :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sometimes, Birthdays Come Early

 My son's birthday is October 8. He will be 2 years old. I can't believe he'll only be two. It feels like he's been a part of this family for much longer. Not to mention that he is growing so fast that he seems more like a little boy than a two year old. Yesterday, we celebrated his birthday. I know its weeks early but my husband will begin traveling for work very soon and we're not sure how often he'll be able to get home. Yesterday was our best opportunity to celebrate his birthday as a family. Since he is beyond obsessed with Cars, that was the theme for his birthday. We decorated, gave him half his presents, took him out to breakfast, watched movies with him and ended the day with a Cars cake.

I love birthday parties. I love being able to celebrate the people that I care about. I love any excuse to decorate and any time is a good time for cake. This year, we get to do it twice for my son. This little stinker holds a special place in my heart. First, he's my first born son (and probably the only one since I'm not in the mood to have any more kids). Then, his brush with death (I'm not being dramatic) taught me how quickly lives can come and go. He has kept me on my toes ever since. He is full of life and energy. He is the first of my kids to throw a full on temper tantrum in public. He's the first of my kids to punch another child. He's the first of my kids to stand up in the middle of a church service and scream at the top of his lungs. He's the first of my kids to jump out of a moving shopping cart. He's a handful. But he's my little boy. I love him to death. Beware to any girl that wants to date him. I'm his #1 and always will be (wink wink).

My parents always threw great parties for me as a kid. My mom made the coolest cakes. One year, my dad woke me up and said "Today, we are going to do whatever you want." We picked up some of my friends and we went to the zoo. I had more fun at my 16th birthday party than I've had at any one else's 16th birthday party and it wasn't the typical sweet 16. My parents rented a pavilion at the local park and we went paddle boating on the pond and played volley ball and I'm pretty sure it even rained a little. But I had a blast. That's how I want my kids to remember their birthdays. I don't want my kids to ever say, "I wish my mom threw cooler parties." Although we didn't and aren't having an actually party with people and kids and lots of games and gifts, we still had fun. We still celebrated the birth of our little boy in a way that he enjoyed.

Marble cake with whipped frosting from Walmart. The BEST!

This Wannabe Supermom is happy she has a son to celebrate and can't wait to celebrate him again in the years to come.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I remember...

I can't believe its been 10 years since the attacks on our country. I think that when certain traumatic things happen, its hard to erase them or even block them out so it can continue to feel like they just happened. I can remember everything about the day of the attacks.

I went to a Christian school in Southern Maryland. I was sitting in Anatomy class when the school director came over the speaker system and asked us to take a 5 minute break from class to pray because a plane had just flown into one of the world trade towers. We prayed and our teacher went on teaching. Not much longer and the director came on again and asked that we take another break to pray again since the other tower had also been hit and it no longer seemed like an accident. We prayed and again went on with class. Finally, the director asked that we take the next 30 minutes and pray because there was an explosion at the Pentagon. I remember freaking out a little bit in my head at this point. My parents worked near DC. I think that at that time, my dad had even been working or going to meetings at the Pentagon. We prayed for a while and eventually all the high school students were asked to go up to the sanctuary. They had us all sit down. We prayed for a while and then they rolled a TV in so that we could watch the news. I remember watching for just a little while in total disbelief. It didn't seem real. We were told right away that the high school retreat that we were supposed to leave for the next day was cancelled. Under other circumstances, I'd have been bummed but it barely registered at this point. After a few minutes though, all I could think about was my sister. I felt the need to find out where she was and see if she knew what was going on and if she was ok. The school day was pretty much shot. A lot of younger kids knew something bad happened but didn't understand and a lot of them were crying. I remember seeing a brother and sister hugging each other and crying really hard. I'm not sure if they knew some one who was first hand affected by the attacks or if they were just looking to each other for support. I tried to call my mom and dad but the phone lines were all tied up. My sister was ok. One of my friends and his siblings and mom were pretty strung out because their dad was supposed to be at the Pentagon that very day. Turns out, he left something at home or at his office or something like that and had to turn around. He was driving away from the Pentagon when it happened. My mom was eventually able to get through to the school and let my sister and I know she and my dad were ok and were on their way home. My mother lost a coworker/friend in the Pentagon attack. A woman that worked at our church lost her cousin and his wife or something like that. They were stewards on one of the planes.

It was scary. I remember getting home and we all went straight downstairs to the TV and turned on the news. They played the scene of the plane hitting the tower over and over again. Seeing it on the news this morning brought back all those frightened emotions. Eventually, after I'm sure what was hours but felt like minutes, my dad sent us upstairs because he felt that we didn't need to keep watching it. I'm glad he sent us away. I don't remember if we went to school the next day. I'm sure we didn't.

Hearing the stories later of the people who were on the plane that crashed in PA made me think that there are good people out there. I wish we knew exactly what happened on those planes. I'm sure we'd hear even more stories of bravery and courage. My heart breaks for those poor people. They knew what was coming and I personally think that I'd rather not know than be completely aware of my impending doom.

I heard this morning on the news of all the people who came together with their boats and rescued people off the island of Manhattan. I had no idea that ever happened. Its amazing how quickly people pull together in times of need. I think tragedy has a way of bringing people together.

I can't imagine being a family member of a victim. I was terrified when I first wondered if either of my parents were safe. To have actually lost them would have changed everything for me forever. My heart and thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims. I am sorry that they lost loved ones for such a selfish "cause".

The men and women involved in the attacks will have to answer to God for what they did. They will receive justice for their actions. I wish that the attacks never happened and I wish that the war that followed didn't have to happen. Did I wish that we could have seen Bin La den's body when they said they found and killed him? At first I did. But that was the angry, vindictive person in me. Then I thought about it. I'm glad they didn't show pictures. I don't want our country to stoop to savage levels just because we want proof. I trust the men and women who give and gave their lives for my freedom and safety. If they say they got him, then it is what it is.

To all the men and women who literally went into the fire to save others lives and to the men and women who have served in our country's military and fought with their very lives to protect a freedom we take for granted on a daily basis, thank you. Thank you for doing all you can so that I can walk in the mall with my children with out fear. Thank you for giving your lives so that I can live in a country where I'm allowed to vote, where I'm allowed to buy a house and a car and send my kids to Christian school. Where I can proudly wave the American flag with out wondering if it will get me killed. Thank you for being braver than I am. Thank you for fighting for something worth fighting for. Thank you because the only way for evil to prevail is for good men to stand by and do nothing.

I will forever remember September 11, 2001. I will never forget that day and the events that followed. It will be something that I take to the grave with me. A tale that I will tell my safe and free grandchildren. I know the entire country will never forget. And because we haven't and wont forget, God have mercy on any one that tries it again.


Friday, September 9, 2011

Gone Fishin

Sometimes Bath Time is Scary!!!
I call them floaters even though most of the time they sink right to the bottom. They are my parental kryptonite. They gross me out, make me sick to my stomach and make my work even harder.

 I'm talking about turds in the bathtub.

I can handle being puked on. I can handle cleaning up a diaper that's so nasty it requires a hazmat suit. I can handle runny noses and dog vomit. I can handle cleaning up after the dog births 6 puppies. I can handle cleaning up after a really sick husband. But I HATE goin fishin in the bath tub. Nothing grosses me out more than fishing poop out of the tub.

My oldest daughter only pooped once in the tub and she was really sick. Even at the age of 1 and even with her being out of it because she was sick, I could still tell that she was really embarrassed that she did it. But my son on the other hand... its like he thinks its funny or something. I can't tell you how many times he's done it. I don't know that he's really doing it on purpose because he loves being in the water. It just happens. Its such a pain in the butt to have to take the kids out of the tub and bathe them somewhere else. And then, the clean up.

I know this is gross but it just happened. I'm still traumatized and sometimes its therapeutic to talk about the things that terrify you. This terrifies me. Blech. First, you gotta put on a glove. Tonight, my glove had a tiny hole in it that I wasn't aware of until after I scooped the poop. Made me gag. Needless to say, I've washed my hands about 30 times since then and I'm constantly reapplying hand sanitizer. I've got a bottle next to me right now. Some people say that you should just let the little bombs go down the drain. I'm sorry but I think this is disgusting. Lets say theres a random hairball in the drain clogging it up a little. Then the turds don't get washed down. They just sit there. Super gross. Then I'm all about filling the tub with steaming hot water and about a cup of bleach. Keep all toys in that were in the tub at the time of the crime. Next morning, drain it all and let the shower rinse it off for a few minutes. I may be going over board but poop carries some nasty germs! No pink eye in THIS house!

I don't know why fishin in the tub grosses me out when other things don't bother me at all. I guess that maybe every mom has her weakness. A girlfriend of mine can't be in the same room when her daughter is puking. Another can't clean up dog poop. Another won't kill spiders. Whatever. My weakness is poop in the bathtub.

This Wannabe Supermom is going to go wash her hands...again...

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Battle of the Bulge

I am trying to potty train my son. I know that he'll only be two in a month but I would really love to not have to change his diapers any more. My older daughter didn't learn until she was about 2 1/2. I am hoping, wishing, that he would catch on quicker though since he as an example to follow.

It's been a battle trying to teach him though. I'm sure that's a sign that he's not ready, but I'm ready. We bought him a Disney CARS potty. He loves cars so we thought this would help him want to be on it and around it. Well, he does, but not to go potty. He takes it apart and walks around the house with the pieces. We tried having him go into the bathroom and sat him on the little training potty while my husband would be going to the bathroom. That didn't work either. He was more interested in what daddy was doing than what we wanted him to do. It's gotten to the point that I don't even like him being in the bathroom. The other day, I found him shoulder deep in the actual toilet with his sister's tooth brush. Thank goodness he didn't drop it when I screamed his name followed by "NNNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" and scared him.

I have asked friends and family their advice on potty training boys. Some said, "throw a cheerio in the potty and have him aim for it." Yeah right. He'd pick it out and eat it. I'd rather not have him starting thinking that the toilet is his "bowl". Some say, "Take all his clothes off and let him run around naked. He'll eventually dislike the feeling of peeing all over the place." Um, hello? He's a guy. They love the idea of peeing all over the place. Ask a guy if he'd rather pee inside or outside. I can promise that 99 out of 100 guys will say outside. Also, there's bugs all over my back yard. I'm not about to treat a bee sting on his butt cheek. There's no way on earth I'd let him run around naked inside. I have enough to do and don't have the time or patience to try to soak up urine before it seaps into the carpet too much.

I know that him not asking to go means that he's not ready. But I sure am getting tired of seeing the "bulge". You know. Where the diaper is so full that it sinks into one pant leg and makes one thigh look like its having some kind of swollen allergic reaction to something? Look, I'm not a bad mom for not changing the kid's diaper enough. He's pretty random about peeing and I'm pretty sure that he can hold about 4 sippy cups worth of fluids in his bladder before he lets it all out. I'm just sick of the "bulge".

I can't wait till he's potty trained. Its less work for me. Cheaper because this kid goes through diapers like I breath air. Constant. I am going to throw a party the first day that I don't have to change any more diapers. I know its my "fault" for having kids back to back. But I'm tired of this battler. If its not one, its the other. And many times, both at once.

This wannabe supermom is boycotting the bulge and is demanding successful potty training. I may have my sidekick take over though...

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mommy's Little Helper

My oldest daughter is at the age where she wants to help me do everything. My son, who will be 2 in a month, has no interest in anything I do. He only wants to play with his cars or read BMW magazines with his daddy. My daughter though, loves to ask me if she can help me. Since I've been cooking a lot more lately, she is constantly asking if she can help. I think that when a child is asking over and over to help you with something, that they just want to be included in what you're doing. They just want your attention and to spend time with you. I'm more than ok with my little girl wanting to spend time with me. Its hard sometimes to give the kids individual attention when they're all at such demanding ages. Today, I decided that we'd bake cookies just to give her something to help me with.

My husband bought me a cookie press over a year ago and I'd never used it so I thought today would be a good day to pull it out. I decided to make some vanilla cookies since they're pretty much the only kind of cookie my husband and son will eat. And I sure as heck don't need to be eating a whole bunch of cookies all by myself.

I put my daughter in her dress up apron, sat her up on the counter and let her pour the ingredients into the mixing bowl. I let her turn the switch to get the mixer going. Then I let her lick the beater. That was one of my favorite parts of helping my mom cook when I was a kid. When my mom used the hand mixer, my sister and I would each get a beater. Then, I let my daughter pick which shape cookies we were going to make and I loaded the "gun" and went to town. I have to say that the cookie press is my new favorite toy. Now that I know how easy it is to use it, I'll probably be making cookies all the time. My daughter had a blast helping me, gave me a big hug and kiss and ran away happy. The cookies were a success. Anything that brings a child genuine joy is worth it.

Vanilla Cookies:

1 cup room temp unsalted butter
1 cup granulated sugar
1 egg
2 1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp brown sugar
1/2 tsp salt
2 1/2 cups of all purpose flour

Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
Combine butter and sugar in the electric mixer and beat until fluffy.
Beat in egg, vanilla, brown sugar, and salt.
Slowly mix in flour.
Pack the cookie press and press away onto an ungreased cookie sheet.
Bake for about 7 minutes or until golden.
Cool on wire racks.


For the holidays, I'll decorate the cookies with sprinkles, put in tins (dollar stores sell cute holiday themed ones), and ship to people for gifts. They're great for that. My press kit came with shapes like dinosaurs, Christmas trees, bats and pumpkins, snowmen and candy canes as well as the flowers, butterflies and stars that I made today. I'm pretty sure that my husband bought it at TJ Max for me. Cheap and fun!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Don't Let Them See You Cry

my Bible, my devotionals, my journal, my daily planner
and tissues.
my morning routine.
 I am an extremely emotional person. I wear my heart on my sleeve. You never have to wonder what I'm thinking or feeling because it'll either show on my face or I'll just say it outright. Sometimes, its a good quality to have. Like when I am needing to communicate with my husband. He doesn't have to wonder what I'm trying to get at or whats bothering me or if I'm in a good or bad mood. However, it doesn't always benefit myself or others around me. In particular, I can't keep my mouth shut when it comes to the sillier things my younger sister does. For whatever reason, I have word vomit and I get so passionate about what I'm trying to convey to her that I end up going beyond "tough love" and alienating her. Some times I think I'm justified with the things I say to her but not always.

Being such an emotional person, my kids often see sides of me that I wish they didn't. Lately I've been incredibly stressed and unsure of the future. Some things happened to our family recently that have changed our way of thinking and our way of living. Its been a constant roller coaster of highs and lows the past 5 weeks or so. The whole situation hasn't been fun. Adding 3 children age three and under to the mix hasn't helped bring down the stress level at all. I've been a little bit cranky and I throw pity parties where all the attendants cry and cry (I'm always the only one there though). I have not liked the person that I've become since this started. I don't mean for my kids to see me break down and cry or flip out or sink into my little black hole from time to time. I'm supposed to be a pillar of strength for them. I know I'm allowed to cry and be a little bummed but it doesn't mean that I need to do it in front of my kids. I feel bad when the tears just start flowing and my daughter comes up to me and asks, "You're sad, Mommy?" Or my son stands there confused, not knowing whether to cry himself or to give me a hug. I don't mean to affect them with my emotions but it happens. I need to change my emotions or my way of thinking. Or maybe just learn to control my emotions. That's going to be much easier said than done.

Since all this has happened though, I've realized a lot of issues that I've been having that I haven't been addressing or even acknowledging. And its all brought me closer to God again. I had bought some books months ago that I hadn't been able to read yet, some women's devotionals. I recently started reading them, using them or rereading the ones I had already started. I wanted to recommend them as they have helped me greatly. They have helped draw me closer to God and therefor changing my attitude. I'm not saying that I don't slip up and let the flood gates open from time to time or that I treat my husband with compassion every moment of every day, but I'm trying.

Becoming the Woman God Wants Me to Be by Donna Partow. This book is introducing me to the elusive Proverbs 31 woman. The only part about this that overwhelms me is that I'm afraid of never becoming anything like her. She's perfect! She is THE supermom. I want to be her so badly. Trying... constantly trying...

My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers. Oswald Chambers provides wisdom based upon one verse or passage every day of the year. His insight puts things in a perspective that is both applicable and profound. Reading this book has helped stir up the passion with in my soul again.

The Power of a Positive Mom by Karol Ladd. Karol Ladd. I want to meet her. In this book, she is both funny and insightful. She gives great advice, tips and encouragement.

I highly recommend these books. They have seriously helped me rekindle my relationship with God as well as guide me in things like motherhood, parenting, being a wife and humanity in general.

Now, I'm off to relax on this gorgeous Friday afternoon with a different book, Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen, and a cup of honey vanilla chamomile tea. MMM... Just thinking about it is helping me relax already.

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