Thursday, August 4, 2011

Watch it Grow

Food has always been a way to bring people together. A family will come together after a long day of being apart to sit down and eat a meal. A couple may have a cooking "date" where they spend time in the kitchen with each other preparing a meal. Friends will join at a resturant and enjoy each other's company. When some one is sick or has experienced the loss of a loved one, people cook and deliver meals as a way of supporting them. Food is a powerful tool in love and life. It is important to use it wisely.

I love to cook. I find it relaxing and fun and adventurous (I'm constantly experimenting, much to my husband's dismay). I love searching for delicious new recipes. My poor sister, who took cooking classes in college and managed a resturant, probably cringes when she gets texts from me because I'm always asking her what certain terms or words mean or if specific ingredients would clash with each other. I actually also enjoy grocery shopping. I just hate having to get ready to go. Packing up three little kids to go to the grocery store isn't on the top of my "fun things to do" list. Plus, I'm constantly forgetting to put deodorant on... of all the random things to forget... I also tend to waste food in a way that should be illegal. I'll end up buying way more than I need, use what a recipe calls for and forget about the rest in the fridge until I notice something moldy hiding in the back months later. It almost always happens with produce and fruit. I hate that I do it. It wastes money and it really is wrong to waste the food itself. So I've decided to grow my own. That way I only pick what I need when I need it. It saves me tons of money and tons of time and my kids will get to eat fresh vegetables. I also never have fresh herbs when I want them and I hate having to go to the grocery store for just one item. Now I do.

I started a "garden". I planted some herbs in pots on my kitchen window sill and planted some tomato seeds in a pot on my back patio. I started with just a few because I'm terrible at keeping plants alive and I didn't want to waste even more money just to kill a whole bunch of them. I planted basil, cilantro and chives in my window and I planted Roma tomatoes outside. I chose those herbs because they work well with a variety of different meats and pastas. I chose the tomatoes for the same reason. And I LOVE Roma tomatoes.

My parents had a garden when I was growing up. They grew tomatoes and peppers and I think radishes as well. Plus a ton of other stuff that I can't remember, ha ha ha. They had my sister and I help plant and sow and pick. I hated it then but I wish now that I'd paid more attention. They were smart to grow their own vegetables. They had a bountiful selection at their disposal when ever they wanted. I'd love to be using fresh produce and fresh herbs and do my small part in helping the environment. I want my kids to appreciate food and the work it takes to get it. If I can manage to keep the plants alive long enough to reap their benefits, I'll have the kids help me plant some more veggies and take them through the process of planting, tending, growing, picking and finally the joy of cooking and eating.

Wish me luck. I'd love to eventually have a full blown garden. I'd love for my children to enjoy being outside experiencing life in its full circle. I would love to be able to serve my family delicious meals prepared with food that came from our own home.

Here's to Supermoms with green thumbs! :)

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  1. Your herbs are definitely growing nicely :)
    I am terrible with them..... can't seem to keep them alive for the long run. Any tips you could give me?


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