Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My New Sewing Machine

Ok, I have another challenge ahead of me. My amazing parents just bought me a sewing machine. All of the neat "appliances" I have, I have my parents to thank for. Some women may think its weird to get gifts like this or a bread maker or an electric can opener but I love it. And the fact that they got it for me just because the love me means the world to me. I really do have wonderful parents and consider myself greatly blessed. I can't remember the last time I sewed anything though. Whatever it was, it probably didn't turn out that well. Certain things (all things "domestic") I'm really bad at. However...

I'm so excited about this gift that I could pee my pants. And then sew myself some new ones :)

Its a Brother sewing machine. I'd never even heard of this brand until a friend of mine recently told me that she had one. I am pretty sure that my mom has a Singer and so does my husband's grandmother and aunt.

It would be a shame if I didn't learn how to sew. My grandmother is an amazing seamstress. She can make anything under the sun if you give her a needle and thread or some yarn and knitting needles. She works for a Woolrich store in Pennsylvania and has worked there ever since I can remember. She used to work in the fabric department and she would make all these neat pillows and quilts and such and the store would put them on display. My mom used to make dresses for my sister and me. I've crocheted before. I made my oldest daughter a blanket. For my youngest, I hand sewed pillows for her nursery. Maybe my first project will be to make something for my son for his upcoming birthday. Hmmm... Maybe a CARs pillow and blanket set. Yeah. Keep the first project easy ;)

Thanks Mom and Dad for the gift. I promise I'll put it to good use!!!


  1. when i look at pictures i would've never have guest you're not that good at sewing or other domestic things ;) it's awesome to see you begin these new challenges and creations :) can't wait to see what you make and hopefully i can learn some things along the way

  2. Glad you like it Honey. Sew to your hearts desire. Hope you get to be as good as Gram is.


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