Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cupcake Crazies

I want to know what the deal is with every one all the sudden being pro cupcake bakers. I've never been much of a cake person so I guess I'm not into hitting up bakeries or cake stores watching Cake Boss on tv. I'm not by any means making fun of any one who is into all this, I'm just saying its not something that I've... explored.

Recently, friends of mine (and by this, I mean people I'm friends with on facebook but don't actually really talk to) have become what I'm going to call "cupcake crazies". They have all suddenly started baking and decorating cupcakes on a regular basis that look like they belong in a flippin museum. Or showcased at some fancy art exhibit. Or sold for weddings that cost 10's of thousands of dollars. They make them in all these outrageous flavors and the frosting is all pretty and fluffy looking and the colors are vibrant and they've got all these fancy little sprinkles. Its nuts. When the heck did cupcaking become the new cool thing to do? Its not just a few of my "friends" doing it. Many of them are. Its like highschool all over again and there's some strange bandwagon to jump on. This new "grown up" one is for cupcakes of all things.

I suck at cupcake and cake decorating. I really do. I can't get them to look good to save my life. And forget getting a moist cake. Luckly, my kids don't give a darn whether it looks cool or not. All they care about is how much sugar it has in it and how quickly can they shove it into their mouth and demand another. I don't bake cupcakes and serve them to friends or my kids pals or teachers at school because they look so stinkin ugly that people would think I hated them or something.

A friend of mine decorates the most difficult and beautiful cakes I've ever seen. I don't know why she isn't doing it professionally because she would make a ridiculous living doing it. One night, she posted pictures on facebook of the cake she decorated for her daughter's birthday part and I started crying because I was jealous. My poor husband probably thought it was pms. I want to be good at something that will make my kids happy and proud of me.

My first act on my journey to becoming a supermom is going to be a one time cupcaking attempt. But only this once. I'm not a fool. I'm not going to waste tons of money trying to be a part of the cool cupcake crazies. I will stand back and admire their beautiful edible artwork and  gracefully bow out. However, my daughter has been begging me for months to make these Dora cupcakes that Nick Jr. shows you how to make. So tonight, I will go buy the ingredients and pray that they turn out ok. This is as close to becoming a cupcake crazy as I will ever get. I'm ok with being better at other things than making a yummy little snack. My daughter will have a blast making the Dora cupcakes with me and my husband and son will have a blast eating them.

If I accomplish the task set before me, it'll be one small step for Betty Crocker (yeah, I'm not doing this by scratch) and one giant leap for Super Mom.

(This is proof of just how terrible I am at cake decorating. This is the cake I made for my husband's birthday. He laughed when I set it down in front of him.)

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  1. Abby are a supermom. I've seen you in action. You take care of a very busy household, managevto look beautiful, listen to your Mom vent, and everyone you meet loves you. You light up the room when you walk in, you make people smile and you can do the bumble bee dance. You don't have too make picture perfect cupcakes, or sugar cookies. If the kids enjoy making them and eating them with you, your covered in frosting or flour when your done, you are a supermom....many moms never know that joy because they don't take the time to spend with their kids. And you are good at a lot of things. I still have drawings you have done. They are great. You have been blessed with the gift to write, you can speak in front of a crowd and bring tears to their eyes. You are fantastic.


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