Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Cupcake Crazies Part 2

Ok, so I attempted the dora the explorer cupcakes that I'd talked about in "Cupcake Crazies" (part 1). I think that a part of being a positive person is posessing the ability to laugh at yourself. I'm still cracking up. They are so goofy lookin! I applaud all of you out there who have a steady enough hand to decorate ANYTHING! Cupcake decorating is not the life for me.

I did however acomplish my goal. I had a blast with my daughter baking and decorating these cupcakes. An instructional "video" for the construction of these is constantly being played on Nick Jr and every time this commercial comes on, she gets excited and yells, "I wanna make those, Mommy! I love Dora!" Tonight we made that dream come true. She and I had fun making them. My husband and son had fun devouring them. Hopefully, she never asks me to make them again ;)

Super Mom saved the day. Tomorrow is a brand new adventure!


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