Monday, August 8, 2011

"Best Cookies Ever"

I think that yesterday was a good day for this Wannabe Supermom.

My neighbors gave me a gift last week to celebrate the birth of our newest daughter and as part of my thank you "note" for the gift, I decided to bake some cookies for them. They are oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies. I got the recipe from (fantastic website, by the way... they have a mobile app too that I use ALL the time). My oldest daughter sat on the counter and helped me mix all the ingredients together. She loves baking. If she weren't only 3, I'd go out today and get her an easy bake oven. Getting it now though may result in a burnt down house, or at least major melting of something important, I'm sure. Anyway...

Every one in our house loves these cookies. My son just ate another one (we had to save some for ourselves, of course) and has chocolate smeared all over his cute little face. Last night though, after she ate one of the cookies, my daughter told me that I make the "best cookies ever!"

I have to explain why this is such a huge deal for me.

 Did I mention that I stink at baking? Its not just limited to cupcakes and the decorating of them. Its pretty much anything and everything. Years ago, my mom, sister and I were baking cookies for something. I think it was part of a Christmas "gift" for neighbors and teachers and the mail lady. I made a HUGE batch of sugar cookies. I forgot the most important ingredient though. I forgot the sugar. They were awful. I was so bummed. My loving mother tried to make me feel better about it though and said she could use the "cookies" to dip in her coffee as a nice little treat. I think she only dipped once and then they sat in the bag until we threw them away about a week later. To this day, its a joke within my family. I also "babysat" a friend of my sister and me one summer when I was in high school. The fact that he's still alive stands to prove that some people really do have "strong stomachs." I tried over and over and over again to make a decent batch of cookies, all of which he sampled, and never succeeded. Right after I got married, we almost went broke due to all the money I kept spending on cookie supplies. I must have made 15 different attempts before I was kindly asked to stop trying. Anyone who has ever tasted one of my cookies doesn't usually try another one. If you could get paid for making nasty cookies, I'd be a flippin billionaire! All this to say, I'm pretty bad at baking cookies.

So for my daughter, who loves cookies, to tell me that I make the best cookies ever, melted my heart and made my day. The smile on her face when she said it let me know that I really did do a good job. The best part though was making her happy. I never thought I'd seek approval from a 3 year old but now that I have it, I am going to cherish this moment. The fact that everyone in the house likes them though does good things for the ego too though :)

Today, I wear my title as Wannabe Supermom with pride.

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